Christendom College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell welcomed students back to campus for another semester of in-person learning with his annual opening address on Monday, January 17, encouraging the student body to be a light that will shine to others during a time of great confusion in the world.

“What we’re doing to restore all things in Christ through a Catholic liberal arts education has never been more important,” said O’Donnell. “Your studies in theology, philosophy, history, great works of literature, and truly immersing yourself in Truth and a Christian reality is so important. You need to be a light that will shine to others.”

During his address, O’Donnell spoke on the importance of bearing witness to the pro-life cause during this crucial time in the United States, particularly at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. O’Donnell will be at the front of the March with the rest of the student body and Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Diocese of Arlington, leading thousands from the Washington Monument to the steps of the Supreme Court.

“We travel into D.C. each year because this mission to defend the sanctity of human life, especially unborn life and its dignity, needs to be manifested. Giving that public witness, taking the time to go into Washington, is so important. Pray fervently that we may joyfully give witness to the beauty and the sanctity of human life together,” said O’Donnell.

Christendom's Graduate School Class of 2021.

Christendom’s Graduate School Class of 2021. While the Graduate School has been located in Alexandria, Virginia, since its inception, the move to Christendom’s main campus will help it continue to grow and thrive.

Before delivering his address, O’Donnell made important announcements for the spring semester, especially the news that the college’s Graduate School will be moving from its current campus in Alexandria, Virginia, to become a part of the college’s main Front Royal campus. More information will be released in the coming months about where the Graduate School will be located on campus, along with other important details.

O’Donnell provided further updates to the student body as well, including that the college’s Semester in Rome will return for the 2022 spring semester. Twelve students will travel to study in the Eternal City, making Christendom one of the only American schools still offering a study abroad program this academic year.

The college’s Admissions Office further announced that a waiting list is already in place for the Fall 2022 semester, with many students already signed up for the college’s 2022 Best Week Ever high school summer program as well.

O’Donnell also announced a variety of enhancements to campus buildings, including renovations made in St. Benedict Hall and an upcoming refurbishment of the college’s tennis courts. In addition, progress continues to be made on the new Christ the King Chapel, according to O’Donnell, with marble altars being constructed soon.

Christendom's new Fearless Eats food truck.

Christendom’s new Fearless Eats food truck, dedicated to St. Lawrence, will be traveling around Virginia, helping raise money for the college.

In terms of new college ventures, the college’s food services team debuted a new food truck, Fearless Eats, for the college’s faculty and staff before the beginning of the spring semester. The food truck will travel across Virginia, bringing big, bold flavor to wineries, breweries, festivals, and more, with proceeds returning to support the college and its mission.

The college will also welcome several speakers to campus this spring, O’Donnell announced. In March, pro-life activist Abby Johnson will speak to students about the importance of the pro-life movement during this crucial moment in time, while the college’s Career and Professional Development Office will also welcome various speakers for its Life on Tap and Outside the Box speaker series.

For more information on the Christ the King Chapel project, visit chapel.christendom.edu.

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