This past week, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (NSCRC) released a study which caused many to panic.  Forbes shouted its headline, “College Undergraduate Enrollment Has Decreased By More Than One Million Students Since 2019,” while The Wall Street Journal warned, “College Enrollment Continues to Shrink.”

According to the study, college enrollments are on the decline and there’s no evidence of a forthcoming rebound.  Over the past two years, national enrollment has declined by 5.1%, which amounts to 937,500 fewer students choosing to go to college. For many colleges, this news spells disaster. For students and parents in particular, the news begs the question: where can one go and be guaranteed a college education today?

Since 2012, Christendom College’s enrollment has grown by a stunning 39%, including 9% over the past two years alone — defying the declining national enrollment trend. Due to the recruiting efforts of the college’s Admissions Office, the college’s high-quality Catholic liberal arts education and authentic Catholic culture have been experienced by more students and families than ever before, both through in-person visits and online personal attention.

Christendom has not only met its enrollment goal in recent years but surpassed it. In fact, due to such a high demand, for the second year in a row, many qualified students will be placed on a waiting list for admittance in the fall of 2022.

“Catholic families are eager to find a college where their children can learn the Truth, live the Faith, and thrive as Catholics,” says Vice President for Enrollment Tom McFadden. “Although there are other good Catholic colleges from which Catholic families can choose, I think Christendom stands out as a beacon of light and hope amidst a world of disbelief, despair, and destruction. The students who choose Christendom as their college of choice want to not only survive college, but actually thrive, and be able to help restore the culture and to re-Christianize society – so desperately needed today.”

Without meeting their enrollment numbers and bringing in enough student income, many colleges will have to close their doors or merge with other colleges to stay viable — even with the support of generous donors. In fact, since 2014, over 30 colleges have closed due to poor enrollments and dismal financial health, including Atlantic Union CollegeConcordia CollegeMarylhurst UniversityMorthland CollegeMount Ida CollegeNewbury CollegeCollege of New RochelleGreen Mountain CollegeMarygrove CollegeOregon College of Art and Craft, and Southern Vermont College.

Since its founding, Christendom College’s enrollment was intended to be small in order to maintain a familial environment and give an individualized personal experience to its students. With a current enrollment of 539 students, the college plans to maintain its current enrollment for the next number of years, and then, once more buildings and infrastructure are in place, increase its enrollment to the cap of 550 students. Until that time, the waiting list will continue, and most likely, grow longer each year.

For more information on Christendom’s admissions process, visit here.

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