Christendom’s Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition filled all its available slots within hours of registration opening on February 1. This news comes on the heels of the college implementing a waiting list for the fall of 2022, serving as further testament to the record demand for Christendom’s Catholic liberal arts education as it continues to buck the trend of declining enrollment so many other colleges are facing.

“Last year, the Padre Pio competition filled within a few weeks and we had to close down registration earlier than anticipated,” says Director of Admissions Sam Phillips. “But this year’s response was stunning for our office as so many eligible students registered within just a few hours of the registration going live on our website. We had more qualified students express interest than we could accommodate, unfortunately, but we look forward to welcoming 84 participants and their families to campus in April.”

Each of the full-tuition scholarship competitors has already been accepted to Christendom for the fall of 2022 and qualified for the competition with high SAT/ACT/CLT test scores. The competitors represent some of the best and brightest of the incoming class of 2026 and will aim to impress the scholarship committee panel when they arrive on Christendom’s campus for the competition on April 2.

During the competition, participants interview with a scholarship committee panel and write an essay based on a prompt given on the competition day. Following the competition, full-tuition scholarships are awarded to three winners, while five $5000 runners-up scholarships are given out.  Additionally, and other all participants are awarded a $1000 competitor scholarship.

The day of the competition also offers students and their families an exclusive look at what Christendom has to offer. Over the course of the day, students and their families hear remarks from College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell and the Admissions staff, receive an in-depth tour of campus, and enjoy an exclusive dinner reception to close the day.

Find out more about the Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition here.

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