Students are now being enabled to attend Christendom through a new scholarship.

Although Lou and Denise Kratz only just discovered Christendom for the first time last spring, they are already staunch supporters of the college’s mission and have started a new endowment scholarship at the college. The Kratzes are a prime example of the motivated and faithful Catholics from all walks of life who are joining the Christendom family each year to help form future Catholic leaders in the Truth.

The Kratzes have been married for 41 years. Denise is a graduate of the University of Maryland, while Lou earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Georgetown University. Lou, an economist, worked for 40 years in aerospace. He coordinated all the after-market support for Lockheed Martin’s products worldwide. The couple have five adult children—all of whom went to Catholic school—and 11 grandchildren. Lou is now retired, and he and Denise enjoy having the opportunity to spend a lot of time with their family.

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Lou describes himself and Denise as “huge advocates of Catholic education.” They were already concerned about the state of affairs in Catholic education, so when they received information in the mail about Christendom, they were eager to learn more. The more they discovered about the college, the more they felt called to support its mission. They were particularly impressed and pleased to discover that Christendom didn’t take any federal funds.

As the Kratzes have watched the failing Catholic identity of some colleges that receive federal money, they’ve realized the wisdom of Christendom’s decision to reject such funds even though it means sacrifice. They love how this choice to be free of federal funding safeguards Christendom’s ability to remain completely faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, in both its curriculum and community life.

“The ability to have a higher education institution that’s completely free of that is extremely valuable. They can truly teach the core Catholic tenets and evolve graduates who internalize that,” says Lou Kratz.

The Kratzes also see Christendom as a school that presents solutions to some of the problems in the world that concern them the most. Lou and Denise are both members of Legatus, an international organization for Catholic business leaders and executives. Raising up the next generation of Catholic leaders in business is an issue dear to their hearts, and one that they believe is crucial for the health of society. They have seen how secular society is trying to take God out of the business sphere entirely, and they want to change that.

“I think Christendom is perfectly positioned to educate new leaders that will take that education and that faith with them into the business environment,” remarks Lou Kratz. “In my view, current business ethics have degenerated into ‘What does the law say?’ not ‘What is right?’ I think Christendom can help bring more of what’s right into the business environment.”

“…the ability of Christendom to educate young people in the truth and have them go out and share that truth is extremely valuable.”

The intellectual, spiritual, and moral formation that Christendom offers is the kind of Catholic education that the Kratzes want every student to have. To that end, they decided to start an endowment scholarship at Christendom, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Kratzes have held a deep devotion to Our Lady for years and have made gifts of scholarships to elementary and high schools in the past in her honor. Their endowment scholarship at Christendom will also be dedicated to Our Blessed Mother—in Lou’s words, “the icing on the cake.”

While it’s easy to become discouraged about the state of the world, the Kratzes see Christendom as a reason to hope.

“As an organization, Christendom has a critical role in these times,” says Lou Kratz. “Because there is absolute truth, although the rest of the world would like us to think that everything is relative. And the ability of Christendom to educate young people in the truth and have them go out and share that truth is extremely valuable.”

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Students are now being enabled to attend Christendom through a new scholarship.
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