Christendom’s Academic Success Coach Maura Eckels was recently featured on Metanoia Catholic, writing and speaking on Catholic coaching on college campuses. Drawing on her own experiences helping Christendom students thrive at the college, Eckels offered helpful advice for current college students on how they can fully live out their academic, spiritual, and vocational lives.

Eckels, who has served at Christendom since 2019, works with students who are struggling academically throughout the academic year, encouraging them to take advantage of the academic aids available on campus. Meeting individually with students on a weekly basis, Eckels motivates students to achieve their academic goals, helping to maintain the college’s high retention numbers each year.

Eckels drew on those years of experience for both an article and a podcast appearance with Metanoia Catholic, a highly recognized and popular Catholic coaching service. Speaking with founders Erin and Matt Ingold, Eckels extolled the need to coach the whole person when helping college students.

“When a student struggles academically, often it’s because something else is going on under the surface – whether emotional, mental, physical, or circumstantial,” said Eckels. “These directly impact one’s academic success but are not intrinsically academic. I’ve realized that I can provide a multitude of academic tools and resources to set a student up for success, but if there is a malformed mindset influencing one’s performance, fruits will not come to bear unless underlying thoughts are addressed.

For Eckels, a solution to this comes from Catholic coaching, which she does in her role at Christendom. She works to provide students with what they need to discover their unique call to sanctity, their primary purpose, and identify obstacles keeping them from living out God’s mission for their life, which leads to their ultimate success.

“I want my students to be interiorly free,” says Eckels. “This interior freedom comes from thinking well to live an intentional life. Catholic coaching helps students manage their mind so as to act in accord with the plan of God.”

Christendom offers a personalized approach to success for each student through the college’s academic support services. With guidance from Director of Student Support Services Maribeth Martin and Eckels, students are provided with multiple services to help them during their academic journey, including free tutoring, a personalized mentorship program, the college’s Writing Center, study groups and sessions, easy access to professors, and the aforementioned weekly individual meetings.

For more information on Christendom’s academic resources for students, visit here.

Visit here to read Eckels’ full article or here to listen to her speak on the Catholic Coaching podcast.

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