he results of this year's survey proved that, once again, the alumni success percentage is well above the national average. 

When looking at colleges, high school students and their families are interested in learning about the return on investment they will receive if they attend. While students generally choose Christendom College primarily for its authentic Catholic culture and faithful, time-tested liberal arts education, prospective students and their parents are also eager to know what alumni do and whether they can find success.

Christendom, along with most other colleges in the U.S., surveys its most recent graduating class each year, 6 months post-graduation, to discover the paths the graduates have taken. The results of this year’s survey proved that, once again, the alumni success percentage is well above the national average.

“According to our most recent survey, the Class of 2022 has found great success, with close to 100% of the class – 98.9% – finding success, meaning, they are employed or in graduate school,” says Director of Career and Professional Development Kristin Stephens. “This alumni success percentage is well above the national average of 86%.”

Additionally, according to the Class of 2022’s survey, 94.5% of students said that their college education was worth the investment, exceeding the national average of 66%, and 87% said that Christendom gave them the tools they needed to succeed.

A large majority of the students — 91% — said that meeting with the college’s career development office was helpful, far above the national average of just 16%. This is a testament to the efforts of the college’s Career and Professional Development team, who work with students throughout the year to help them achieve their career goals. On top of that, Christendom’s unique for-credit required “Education for Life” career course is indispensable in launching students to success. Through these career classes, no student is left behind or neglected when it comes to learning important skills such as writing resumes and cover letters, creating LinkedIn profiles, networking, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and financial literacy.

“Most college students are unprepared to enter the workforce,” says Stephens, “and they don’t know the latest trends in the job search process. Through our ‘Education for Life’ courses, our students walk away with all the latest information, and most importantly, the confidence they need to strive for excellence and achieve success.”

The strong results from the six-month out survey provide a counter to the national narrative that liberal arts degrees are not useful in today’s workforce. Instead, the skills provided by a liberal arts education, including improved communication, critical thinking, innovative thought, and leadership skills, are giving Christendom graduates the edge necessary to stand apart from their peers and fulfill their career goals.

Graduates of the Class of 2022 are now working in a variety of different career fields, ranging from marketing, to education, to fundraising, to graduate studies, and more, fulfilling Dr. Warren Carroll’s vision of having alumni go into every career field and restore all things in Christ.

Learn more about the Class of 2022’s Alumni Outcomes here.

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