Philosophy professor Dr. John Cuddeback will deliver a new lecture for the Institute of Catholic Culture, titled “Unshakeable Foundations: Boethius and the Scandal of Bad Fortune.” The lecture, being offered on Tuesday, March 14, will be available virtually and is now open for registration.

The lecture marks the latest offering from Cuddeback for the Institute of Catholic Culture, following his Philosophy 101 live course and numerous lectures on the cycles of nature, Plato’s Republic, the modern imagination, St. Joseph, and much more.

This newest lecture, seeks to answer the oft-asked question: if there really is a God, how can such bad things happen all around us, and sometimes to us? Cuddeback will look to the works of the 6th-century philosopher Boethius for his lecture and how he wrestled with this critical question. In the end, Cuddeback will show how Boethius discovered the astounding truth that God is ordering all things for our good, and how his insights still resonate in the modern world.

In addition to Cuddeback, other Christendom faculty have taught for the Institute over the years, including theology professor Dr. Matthew Tsakanikas, College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, philosophy professor Dr. Mark Wunsch, and others.

Cuddeback is a professor of philosophy at Christendom, after earning his B.A. from the college and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the Catholic University of America. His popular book, True Friendship: Where Virtue Becomes Happiness, was published by Ignatius Press, and his articles on the household, technology, ordered inclinations, and more have been published in First Things, Nova et Vetera, and others. Cuddeback writes weekly for his blog, Life Craft, and lives with his family in Front Royal, Virginia.

For more information on how to register for the event, please visit here.

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