Across the nation, colleges and universities continue to face declining enrollments and financial hardships in the aftermath of COVID-19. In a recent article from Inside Higher Ed, the organization pointed to the recent closure of smaller private institutions as a “harbinger for 2023,” sounding a warning bell for higher education institutions nationwide.

“As colleges face hard choices and the end of federal relief funds, officials will have to make decisions in an environment rife with serious challenges for higher education,” says Insider Higher Ed.

In a stark contrast to this news, Christendom College announced that, following May 1, the college has exceeded its recruitment goals for the fall.

“The amount of interest in Christendom at this time is at an all-time high, and the quality of our admitted students is phenomenal,” says Director of Admissions Sam Phillips. “We have had to place qualified applicants on a waiting list that three years ago would have been admitted to the college. With such a competitive environment, and with God’s grace, I am hopeful that Christendom will continue to attract the brightest and best students who will help us achieve our mission of restoring all things in Christ.”

Due to such a high demand, for the third year in a row, many qualified applicants were placed on a waiting list for the fall of 2023. Additionally, interest for the college’s Best Week Ever high school summer program is just as high, with a waiting list for it beginning back in early February. This year, the Best Week Ever — the most popular, well-attended, and highly ranked program of its kind — will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, welcoming more students into the Shenandoah Valley for a life-changing week on Christendom’s campus.

This news comes on the heels of a historic year at Christendom as the college celebrated its 45th anniversary. The high point of the academic year came in April with the dedication of the college’s new Christ the King Chapel, which has been drawing attention across the nation for its emphasis on a return to beauty in a culture that has rejected it.

“More families are waking up to the toxic reality of higher education today, in which the very values they have tried to instill are actively undermined, and they want a real education for their children, an education where their children will be able to learn the Truth, live the Faith, and thrive as Catholics,” says Phillips. “At Christendom, we are providing students a time-tested education and Catholic formation that will prepare them to respond to the challenges of our secular age and work to re-Christianize the culture.”

Since its founding, Christendom College’s enrollment was intended to be small in order to maintain a familial environment and give an individualized personal experience to its students. With a commitment to a student body size of 550, the college will maintain its personalized approach and tight-knit community that makes it such a draw for students across the nation and beyond.

For more information on Christendom’s admissions process, visit here.

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