Katherine Noe ’23 and Anna McDuffie ’23 recognized the increasing need for a revival in Catholic education while studying at Christendom College, discerning a call to become teachers following graduation.

Across the nation, there is a fervent need for a revival in Catholic education. Young people are hungry for the truth — but need teachers with the knowledge and the passion to provide it. Katherine Noe ’23 and Anna McDuffie ’23 recognized that increasing need while studying at Christendom College, discerning a call to become teachers following graduation. This fall, they will be answering that call as St. Thomas More Teaching Fellows, helping to share the truths of the Catholic Faith with students in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Noe, who majored in political science and economics, first learned about the St. Thomas More Teaching Fellows program through Director of Career and Professional Development Kristin Stephens. When Noe expressed an interest in teaching after college, Stephens put her in touch with the program.

“Throughout any interview and application process, I have been so grateful for my Christendom education which allows me to be confident in what I have to offer as well as gives me the tools I need to articulate myself well,” says Noe. “I could not have honed these skills without the education or the support from faculty and staff that I have had throughout these four years. I have improved my writing and rhetorical skills because of my classes and have been able to cultivate them thanks to the guidance of my professors.”

Katherine Noe.

Katherine Noe.

The application process was a long one, involving multiple interviews, but Noe received help along the way from Stephens, eventually getting the position.

“I am so grateful for the Career Development Office and my references, most from Christendom, who have helped and supported me in the career search process,” says Noe.

As a St. Thomas More Teaching Fellow, Noe will spend the next two years teaching in the Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Boston, responding to their urgent need for courageous witnesses to the Gospel. Right now, Noe is in the process of interviewing with a few different schools that the program works with but will be teaching at either a traditional city parish school, a rural academy offering a liberal arts education, or even the prestigious choir school in Harvard Square.

“I am excited about this position because I believe in the mission of the St. Thomas More Teaching Fellowship,” says Noe. “They want to enhance and revive Catholic education and I think that is so important for the future of the Church and I am so blessed to be a part of it.”

McDuffie, who majored in history, echoes Noe’s thoughts. She sees the opportunity to bring Christ to souls in the classroom as the natural next step following her education at Christendom.

Anna McDuffie.

Anna McDuffie.

“I am excited about this new position because it is a unique opportunity to do mission work in the New England culture that I was born and raised in,” says McDuffie. “Massachusetts is mission territory, and I am excited to return to those hearty and hungry souls and help to set them on fire for the Faith. I feel my Christendom education has formed me into an intellectually vibrant person who can adapt and maneuver the world because I have a strong foundation in truth. My history degree especially has provided me with a concrete sense of who I am and where I come from.”

McDuffie first learned about the St. Thomas More Teaching Fellowship through a talk given in the college’s St. Kilian’s Café. After prayerful consideration, she decided to fill out the application for the fellowship and go through the interview process. Throughout, history professor Dr. Christopher Lane was a huge assistance, reviewing her essays and serving as a reference for her as well.

“I was finally offered the position and accepted,” says McDuffie. “I really appreciate his encouragement and support.”

This fall, McDuffie will be a 3rd grade homeroom teacher at Saint Peter School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, educating students in the classroom and guiding them along in their academic and spiritual journey. McDuffie sees her time at Christendom as the perfect springboard for this new career, giving her the preparation necessary for success.

“Christendom has been an amazing place to grow into the person that God wants me to be,” says McDuffie. “I have been taught, guided, nurtured, challenged, and most importantly loved. Newman says, ‘The college is for the formation of character, moral and intellectual.’ I think Christendom has achieved this goal in me and I am excited to now go out and restore all things in Christ.”

As teachers, Noe and McDuffie are following a great tradition of alumni who have joined the educational field after graduation. They are entering a field gripped by secularism, but are ready to confront it with the truths they learned in their education at Christendom. Together, they will seek to impact the hearts and minds of the next generation, boldly going forth to restore all things in Christ in the classroom and beyond.

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