A host of successful alumni are returning to campus this fall to take part in the popular Life on Tap career talk series. These talks allow students to learn about the plethora of career fields available to them with their liberal arts degrees.

Over the course of this semester, students will hear from alumni in the fields of education, communications, and project management. On September 20, alumni Bailey Young ’19, Annie Heisler ’21, and Ben Guza ’22 will share about their experiences as teachers. On October 11, alumnae Abigail (Reimel) Gripshover ’16, Bridget Handy ’17, and Riley (Damitz) Lane ’20 will speak about the various communications roles they have held. To round out the series, on November 15, Peter Cermak ’21, Daniel Llera ’22, and Gail Peterson ’21 will talk about their work in project management.

The Christendom liberal arts curriculum, far from limiting its graduates in their future careers, opens the door to a world of possibilities in nearly every major field. Through the study of the Catholic liberal arts, Christendom’s students encounter a universal study of knowledge — through mathematics, history, literature, classics, and political science — unified by the central role of philosophy and theology. As St. John Henry Newman observed, by seeking the truth though various disciplines, the student attains an intellectual prowess in which he can take up any career and thrive with competence, versatility, and success. 

The Life on Tap series demonstrates this success fulfilled in the lives of countless alumni, who share their insights with current students. Each event consists of a panel interview with the alumni guests, hosted by Director of Career and Professional Development Kristin Stephens, followed by a Q&A with the students.

All events are held from 7:15-9:15 p.m. in Old Chapel Hall and are for members of the Christendom community, exclusively.

For more information on Christendom’s networking resources, as well as the previous Life on Tap recordings in the particular areas that will be discussed this semester, visit the links below. 


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