Christendom College will be the first Classic Learning Test (CLT) partner college to offer full-tuition scholarships to CLT10 National Award recipients, as announced by the college’s Admissions Office on Friday, March 22.

“Christendom has a great history with the CLT, with more than 75% of our incoming students choosing to take this classically based test alternative to the SAT and ACT,” says Director of Admissions Sam Phillips. “It is a significant achievement to be named a CLT 10 National Award recipient and we want to recognize these top-scoring students in a significant way. This fall, we will award two CLT10 National Award recipients, Rowland Thornberry and Jadzia Hamm, with full-tuition scholarships. We look forward to awarding more of these exceptional students in future years.”

Established as an alternative to the National Merit Scholarship, the CLT10 National Award is given to the 50 top-scoring students who took the CLT10. Each year, Christendom traditionally has offered up to five full-tuition scholarships to National Merit Scholarship finalists who enroll in Christendom, and now these CLT10 National Award recipients will be included for consideration when awarding these five full-tuition scholarships.

To be considered for one of the five available full-tuition scholarships, CLT10 National Award recipients must have applied to Christendom by the December 1 Early Action Deadline and be offered admission. These students will be required to fill out a scholarship application, as will any eligible National Merit Scholarship finalists.

The CLT was founded in 2015, serving as an alternative standardized test rooted in tradition while taking advantage of modern technologies. Christendom was one of the first ten schools to accept the CLT, seeing the classical test as a great preparation for Christendom’s robust liberal arts education grounded in the unchanging truths of our Catholic intellectual tradition. While Christendom already offers generous scholarships based on CLT scores, this new option to receive a full-tuition scholarship gives the best CLT students the chance to now attend the college for only the cost of room and board.

“I am not surprised Christendom is the first college to offer full-tuition scholarships for CLT10 National Award recipients,” says Jeremy Tate, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the CLT. “Since its founding, Christendom has been a beacon of academic excellence and Catholic fidelity. This combination makes Christendom the perfect destination for many of our top students.”

For more information on Christendom’s scholarship opportunities, visit here.

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