On April 3, Christendom’s Career and Professional Development Office hosted its final Life on Tap of the semester. Alumni Quinn Beekwilder ’04, Joe Dotson ’23, and Sean Kiely ’08 shared their insights with the student body about their successes working in sports and athletics.

Beekwilder graduated from Belmont Abbey’s Motorsport Management program where he now works as a program coordinator. Dotson is currently working as an Assistant Athletic Director at Walsingham Academy in Williamsburg, VA, and has been accepted to the University of Cincinnati for graduate study in Sports Administration and Management. Kiely serves as the Basketball Strategy Analyst for the Portland Trail Blazers, working closely with basketball operations staff on salary cap management and roster planning.

Each of them shared insights into the variety of positions offered in the sports and athletic world. Beekwilder, who first worked as an Account Executive and Digital Marketing Manager for Charlotte Motor Speedway before working for Belmont Abbey, shared that there are a plethora of jobs within each area of athletics. Kiely first started with the Portland Trail Blazers as a corporate sponsorship and basketball operations intern. Similarly, Dotson’s summers in college were spent interning as an Operations and Athletic Management Intern at one of the largest basketball camps in the country. Each alumnus admitted that they had a special love of sports before pursuing their current careers, either being interested in sports analytics and management or being a student-athlete.

All three alumni emphasized practical advice when searching for job and internship opportunities. Beekwilder encouraged students to be persistent when applying by following up with the hiring team and applying for multiple positions at a time. Connections are a necessity in the sports world, so Dotson encouraged the student body to take advantage of networking events and get to know people in the desired fields. Kiely also encouraged the student body to practice good communication skills and take advantage of Christendom’s education and staff who are more than willing to help students improve. They agreed that perseverance and patience are key to job searching and gaining connections.

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“Don’t be afraid to ask for more direction,” says Beekwilder. “Every day is different, things will fall apart, times change but that’s life. You just have to keep on pushing and be adaptable.”

The Christendom liberal arts curriculum, far from limiting its graduates in their future careers, opens the door to a world of possibilities in every major field. Through the study of the Catholic liberal arts, Christendom’s students encounter a universal study of knowledge – through mathematics, history, literature, classics, and political science – unified by the central role of philosophy and theology.

The Life on Tap series connects successful alumni in various fields with current students, demonstrating the paths that countless alumni have taken to succeed after graduating. The Career and Professional Development Office typically organizes three Life on Tap events every semester which are open to all students.

For more information on Christendom’s networking resources and the previous Life on Tap recordings, visit here.

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