Alumni and benefactors from around the nation joined together in supporting Christendom during the college’s annual Giving Day on April 9, raising more than $270,000 in donations for the college. Over 700 gifts, donated by alumni, students, parents, and other members of the college community, were generously given to The Carroll Fund over the course of the day, enabling the college to better assist the next generation of Christendom students through financial aid and more.

“Year after year, we are taken aback by the incredible generosity of our Christendom family,” says Adam Wilson, executive director of donor engagement. “As our college moves closer to its fifth decade, our alumni community continues to generously give to their alma mater, ensuring that Christendom can continue educating and preparing the next generation of Catholic leaders that our society so desperately needs. To all of our alumni benefactors, thank you.”

The money raised through these donations goes towards The Carroll Fund, which specifically helps the college with financial aid, counseling and spiritual development, career services, athletics, and faculty and staff salaries.

The college set a goal of raising $250,000 this year during Giving Day and reached 110% of that goal as of latest tallies. Currently, over $270,000 has been raised from over 700 gifts. Gifts will continue to be tallied as they continue to come in the mail over the coming days.

Each year, Giving Day focuses on a specific theme to excite and unite alumni. This year, alumni were encouraged to go “all in” with supporting the college on Giving Day, specifically to help increase the college’s financial aid program, to create scholarships for students to attend the Junior Semester in Rome, to help forgive loans for graduates who pursue the religious life, and to hire a new professor for the English Department. In addition, funds were also raised for a new scoreboard in St. Louis the Crusader Gymnasium and to build new bleachers for Crusader Fields.

The day culminated in an evening Giving Day livestream, giving alumni the opportunity to participate from anywhere in the world. Hosted by beloved philosophy professor Mike Brown, the Giving Day livestream featured an exclusive tour of the college’s new Christ the King Chapel, a Divine Mercy Chaplet prayed for deceased alumni, a “quodlibet” open academic forum event with professors Mark Wunsch, Joseph Arias, and Brown, and a trivia event with Brown.

“So many people joined us online for Giving Day, along with attending in-person parties in Manassas, Virginia, and on campus as well,” says Vince Criste, director of alumni relations. “These events were generously sponsored by our benefactors out of their sheer love for the college and its students. Their generosity continues to inspire us, and we hope it inspires the rest of our Christendom family as well.”

Christendom College is one of a handful of colleges in the U.S. to not accept Federal funds. It therefore relies on the generosity of benefactors for its financial success and security. The success of Giving Day is a testament to the passion of Christendom’s supporters, who seek to ensure that the college will be able to offer its Catholic, time-tested liberal arts education for generations to come, helping to form future Catholic leaders so needed by the Church and society today.

All donors are members of the Christendom College family and it is never too late to make a donation to The Carroll Fund. Anyone who wants to partner with Christendom to educate the next generation of Catholic leaders can learn more about ways to make an impact at www.christendomgivingday.com.

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