This past weekend, the Christendom Players brought the musical Little Women to life onstage. The college’s annual spring musical provided an entertaining weekend for the local community, highlighting the exceptional theatrical skills of Christendom’s students.

Based on Louisa May Alcott’s beloved novel, Little Women tells the story of the four March sisters and their beloved Marmee while their father is away serving during the Civil War. The March sisters face all kinds of challenges from childhood to adulthood and learn the importance of family, love, and sacrifice. Directed by alumna Elizabeth Foeckler, Little Women featured elaborate choreography, enchanting musical numbers, and more. The musical adaptation faithfully followed the plot of the novel, with the music bringing Alcott’s words to life in a powerful way.

Senior Maria Simon performs in "Little Women."

Senior Maria Simon performs as Jo March in “Little Women.”

While Christendom does not have a fine arts major, the college offers numerous opportunities for students to showcase their talents, including through the Christendom Players productions. For Foeckler, Little Women was the perfect showcase for the college’s many talented actors and actresses, and another example of their ability to come together to make something beautiful for the community.

“I think the reason Christendom is still able to put on such high-level shows is because of the commitment of the students, and their desire to strive for excellence,” says director Elizabeth Foeckler. “They really own the show and are invested in making the shows as good as they can be, from acting, to costumes, to hair and make-up, to the set, and everything in-between.”

Samuel Francomb performs in "Little Women."

Samuel Francomb performs as Laurie in “Little Women.”

This musical was especially bittersweet for many of the cast members who will be graduating in May, making Little Women their last Christendom performance. Senior Megan Meehan, who played Marmee in the show, has been an essential and invaluable member of the Christendom Players over the past four years, serving as president of the club in her senior year. Having been involved in eight Christendom productions, she is extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve Christendom through the arts, sharing her gifts and talents for the glory of God and for the enrichment and enjoyment of others.

Senior Megan Meehan performs in "Little Women."

Senior Megan Meehan, who also served as president of the Christendom Players this year, performs as Marmee in “Little Women.”

“I have been involved in eight productions both on and off the stage, but I am beyond blessed to have Little Women be the closing chapter for my time here at Christendom,” says Meehan. “I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve Christendom through the arts and truly believe that our performances are gifts given to others for the glory of God. Over the past four years, I have come to see how each show, whether play or musical, is a true labor of love. This final performance truly took blood, sweat, and tears, but all was done with the understanding that our efforts and talents were being shared for the good of the community and for the sake of sanctifying art.”

Junior Aron Forthofer performs in "Little Women."

Junior Aron Forthofer performs as Professor Bhaer in “Little Women.”

Some of the seniors involved in this production—Maria Simon, Rebecca Anderson, Alex Evans, Amanda Evans, Clare Williams, and Gabrielle Olmstead—have expressed their gratitude for being a part of such a unique experience at Christendom. They all highlighted the friendships, knowledge, and skills they have been able to develop and cultivate because of Christendom’s love for the fine arts. Simultaneously, their involvement and leadership have truly affected future classes and peers.

“I found lifelong sisters in the March women of the class of 2024,” says Lauren Bosack ’25, who played the eldest March sister Meg. “I’m grateful to each one of them for showing me the beauty of womanhood and for being the sisters I never had.”

The Christendom Players are a student-run group that performs two theatrical productions a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. In the past, the group has performed Les Misérables, The Crucible, Murder on the Nile, Hello, Dolly!, Anything Goes, The Music Man, and other acclaimed productions.

See more pictures from the show here.

Contributed by Samia Clerico ’24.

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