The Benedict XVI Organ Scholarships 2020-2021

The Organ at Christendom College:

Christendom College holds the pipe organ “in high esteem, for it is the traditional musical instrument, and one that adds a wonderful splendor to the Church’s ceremonies and powerfully lifts up man’s mind to God and to heavenly things,” as the Second Vatican Council declared.

To this end the college will have a four manual, 46 rank pipe organ specially built for its new chapel by Kegg pipe organ builders of Hartville, Ohio to beautify the liturgy.  This organ is slated to be finished in the fall of 2020 and its stop list can be found here.  In addition, an expansion of the music minor with a special emphasis on organ studies and an independent course of studies for organ will be instituted

The Scholarship and Duties:

For next fall, one organ scholarship has become available.  This will be a $500 scholarship that will be offered to a promising beginner along with free lessons throughout the year and to whom performance opportunities will be given.

(This scholarship, which is potentially renewable every year, will be awarded at the discretion of a panel of judges and the amount is subject to change.)

Requirements for Eligibility:

  • Must have already completed an application for general admission to the college.
  • Must pass an audition.
  • Must enroll in and complete a music degree program at the college.

Skills Sought:

  • Reliability and Punctuality.
  • Strong sight-reading and musicianship skills.
  • Ability to accompany congregational hymn and chant singing.
  • Ability to play the organ literature with appropriate stylistic interpretations and registrations.

Application Process:

  • Fill out THIS FORM, which includes one recommendation from an organ (or piano) teacher by March 6, 2020.
  • Submit it along with a video recording for prescreening purposes. The recording must include one piece from the repertoire listed below.  It is not required that the format be a professional or studio recording, but the sound quality must be as good as possible.
  • The repertoire for this prescreening should be a performance of either a Bach prelude and fugue (or an equivalent Baroque work) or a movement from a Romantic or Contemporary work. Pianists who wish to audition for the $500 beginner scholarship may perform a Bach two-part invention on the piano (or the equivalent).
  • If you are selected for a live audition, you will need to:
    1. prepare two works from the repertoire from sources such as were listed above in #3. One Baroque work and one Romantic or Contemporary work.  Pianists auditioning for the $500 scholarship must only play a Bach two-part invention (or the equivalent) and scales and arpeggios in all keys. No candidate may repeat the same piece from the prescreening audition.
    2. be able to sight-read two short pieces.
    3. be prepared for a short interview.
  • If you are selected as a scholarship recipient, you will have to sign a contract specifying your duties.