Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program

The Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program (VTAG) is a non need-based grant designed to assist Virginia residents who attend accredited private, nonprofit colleges and universities in Virginia for other than religious training or theological education.

award amount

The amount of the award is determined each academic year depending on available funding and the total number of eligible applicants. The amount of the award for the 2024-2025 academic year is estimated to be $5,000 for undergraduate students.

application process

Applications are sent out to new students by the Financial Aid Office in the spring for the upcoming academic year. Applications are due by July 1st and can be emailed to the Financial Aid Officer (sarah.scarchilli@christendom.edu) or dropped off in person at the Business Office. A link to the 2024-2025 application can be found here: 2024-25 VTAG Application (schev.edu). Students who received VTAG in the previous year do not need to submit a new application.

eligibility requirements

  • The student must be a domiciled resident of Virginia for at least one year prior to receiving VTAG or must be a dependent of eligible military personnel.
  • The student must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate, graduate, or professional student at an eligible institution in an eligible degree program that is not in religious training or theological education.
  • The student must submit a completed VTAG application to the Financial Aid Office by the application date.

Reception of VTAG cannot exceed two years for an associate program or four years for undergraduate programs.

For more information, please contact Miss Sarah Scarchilli, Financial Aid Officer, at sarah.scarchilli@christendom.edu or (540) 551-9126, or visit Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program | Virginia State Council Of Higher Education, VA (schev.edu).