fioramonti_5177 Christendom College philosophy major Jonathan Fioramonti has big plans following his graduation on May 17. As a partner in an entrepreneurial success story, Fioramonti will continue to grow his business, Block Party Bricks, and bring Christ to the workplace.

“I’ve seen firsthand that a liberal arts degree not only offers a well-rounded education and personal development, but it also offers the practical tools to succeed in the professional world,” says Fioramonti.

The summer after his sophomore year, Fioramonti embraced the spirit of entrepreneurship and joined with two high school friends in the launching of Block Party Bricks, a company that specializes in selling all things Lego—both new and refurbished.

A native of Manassas, Va., Fioramonti says that the company has taken off and that it is hard to keep up with the demand. Working part-time for the company during the school year, Fioramonti plans to go full-time after graduation. The company has already grown to several full time employees and Fioramonti says that Lego “has their eye on them.”

Block Party Bricks sells only Lego products—no imitations. Every refurbished piece is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned before resale on their successful eBay and Amazon storefronts.

He credits the success he has had as an entrepreneur to his Christendom education.

“It teaches you how to ask the right questions, to better think through different situations, and how to make focused and thorough decisions,” he says. “I am well prepared for a business career with my philosophy degree from Christendom.”

Fioramonti and his partners plan to keep Christ at the center of their business.

“We all take our faith seriously, and understand how important its role is in our lives and our work,” he says. “We even start work at 9:30 a.m. so that everyone has the opportunity to go to daily Mass first.”

He also says that living the College’s motto “to restore all things in Christ” is more than just prioritizing your prayer life.

“It is applying it to everything in life, including business,” he says. “We like to think we are truly a people-first business. First and foremost, it is our goal to treat our business contacts, our employees, and customers with dignity, respect, and charity. So even when we’re just ‘restoring’ Lego bricks, I know we are living my alma mater’s motto.”

Many Christendom alumni are involved in the world of business – everything from retail and project management, to marketing and public relations, to finance and human resources – all without specialized degrees in business. A recent survey of business CEOs by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that 74 percent said they would recommend a 21st-century liberal education in order to create a more dynamic worker.

Fioramonti will graduate on May 17 with his 68 classmates who come from 18 US states and Canada. Find out more about the power of a Christendom liberal arts education at christendom.edu/liberalarts.


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