sean-kayChristendom College’s career and leadership development office will be hosting seven networking events this semester, bringing successful alumni and friends to campus to speak with and mentor current students. The “Life on Tap” events will be held on Tuesday evenings throughout the spring semester and will give students the opportunity to learn about various professions and how a liberal arts education can help them excel in graduate schools and in their careers post-graduation.

“We have a great lineup of guests coming to speak to our community this spring,” says Greg Monroe, Christendom’s director of career and leadership development, “alumni who can speak about the value of their liberal arts education and how it prepared them to excel after graduation. These are excellent opportunities for the students to gain practical advice and tips on how to succeed in their field, not only as a professional, but as a Catholic grounded in their Christendom foundation.”

The “Life on Tap” series will feature speakers from a variety of fields this semester, from business management, journalism, web development, accounting and finance, to non-profit business administration.

“A liberal arts education opens the door to a variety of career fields—the successes our alumni have found upon leaving Christendom proves that,” says Tom McFadden, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing.

Speakers will include such notable alumni as Michele Velasco, who serves as the Vice President of Finance at SiriusXM Radio; Tim Halisky, President of RLA Mid-Atlantic; Mark Rohlena, the Director of Domestic Social Development at the USCCB; Peter Jesserer Smith, a reporter for the National Catholic Register; and Sean Kay, a partner with Pricewaterhousecoopers.

Christendom’s challenging liberal arts program, with its depth and breadth of courses, gives students the ability to see the big picture and discover the answers to the most profound problems in our world today. The alumni of Christendom College, armed with their abilities to think critically and communicate with precision, have found much success upon graduating, making Christendom a premier choice for prospective students.

For more information about the upcoming “Life on Tap” events, including specific dates, topics, and location, please visit here.

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