gregChristendom College continues to excel at preparing its students for life after college, with the new graduate school preparation program already finding success amongst the student body on campus. A new initiative spearheaded by the career and leadership development office, the program helps students prepare for graduate–level studies by paying for all graduate school test preparation, in addition to paying for any graduate school testing as well.

Begun last fall under the direction of Greg Monroe, the director of career and leadership development, the graduate school preparation program now allows any students interested in continuing their academic studies after earning their B.A. to prepare to do so, free of charge. This unique, generous offering of the college covers any graduate school testing, such as the GMAT, LSAT, GRE and the MAT test, to name a few.

“About 18% of our graduates currently go to graduate school after they finish their studies at Christendom, and we want to increase that number. The interest in the student body for graduate studies is widespread, but many have been unable to afford to even test for graduate school, until now,” says vice president for enrollment Tom McFadden. “Our students are well-suited for advanced studies, thanks to the rigorous academic program we offer. We feel that, if they choose to pursue advanced studies, they will be enormously successful in their positions, and will be able to reach new heights, thanks to these new initiatives.”

Over forty seniors are currently preparing for graduate school testing thanks to the program, with plans in place to expand those numbers even further as the program continues to gain traction and popularity on campus.

This initiative to further prepare students for success after college comes in addition to other new initiatives recently undertaken at Christendom, such as the hiring of alumna Maribeth Kelly (’14) as the new academic success coach, and new on-campus internships available for students in public relations, event planning, and academic support. With plenty of opportunities for networking now available as well, thanks to the popular Life on Tap series, students at Christendom are being prepared for great success after college now more than ever.

To find out more about Christendom’s graduate school preparation program, please contact Greg Monroe.

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