internsChristendom College has been helping alumni to achieve great success after graduation since its founding.   With the re-vamping of the career and leadership development office this year, the college is now helping current students to find new on-campus internships, which helps students gain the invaluable on-the-job experience many future employers look for on resumes, without having to leave Christendom campus to do so.

While Christendom has been aiding students in obtaining prestigious internships off-campus for years, in positions locally at Weichert Realtors and in congressional offices on Capitol Hill, to name a few, this year marks the first time that internships have been offered on campus for students. The campus internship program has been growing steadily since its launch last fall, now offering work experience for students in fields such as public relations, event planning, career development, journalism, social media, and academic support.

“Although not absolutely essential for success, all studies relate that having an internship as an undergraduate student give you an edge,” says vice president for enrollment Tom McFadden. “There was a strong desire in the student body for these type of career opportunities on campus, and the success of the campus internship program thus far bodes well for the future.”

Students currently involved in the internship program agree with McFadden.

“I want to go into journalism after college, and this internship has helped me not only hone my writing skills, but also given me the confidence to continue pursuing my passion after college,” says senior Darren Johnson, who interns with the public relations office at the college by writing stories for the college’s website and magazine, as well as writing press releases. “Having this internship, getting published, and receiving a great letter of recommendation will most certainly help me succeed in journalism in the long run.”

Kelsey Gordon, another senior, has had a similar experience, citing the convenience of the internship and the valuable work experience it offers as highlights of her time working in academic support, with academic success coach Maribeth Kelley.

“I have a strong interest in this field, but getting back and forth to an off-campus internship can be a struggle. Having the internship right here on campus is an incredible opportunity, and has given me the experience and the confidence to continue in this field in the future, if I decide to,” she said.

Due to the success and popularity of the on-campus internship program, career and leadership director Greg Monroe plans on continuing to expand the program in the future, offering students more internship opportunities in more career fields, even as he continues to expand the off-campus internship opportunities as well.

This initiative to further prepare students for success after college comes in addition to other new initiatives recently undertaken at Christendom, such as the hiring of alumna Maribeth Kelly (’14) as the academic success coach, and the new free graduate school testing program as well. With plenty of opportunities for networking now available as well, thanks to the popular Life on Tap series, Christendom students are being prepared for great success after college now more than ever.

To find out more about Christendom’s on-campus internship program, please contact Greg Monroe.

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