Greg Monroe, director of career and leadership development office, hosts all the Life on Tap events.

Christendom College’s career and leadership development office will be hosting five networking events this semester as part of the popular “Life on Tap” series, bringing successful alumni to campus to speak with and mentor current students. The “Life on Tap” events will be held on Tuesday evenings throughout the fall semester and will give students the opportunity to learn about various professions and how a liberal arts education can help them excel in graduate schools and in their careers post-graduation.

“Last year we had over two dozen alumni come back to speak to the undergrads, and our fall slate of speakers is just as dynamic,” says Greg Monroe, Christendom’s director of career and leadership development.

“The students were receptive to hearing practical advice and insights from alumni who can speak about the value of their liberal arts education and how it prepared them to excel after graduation. The investment these alumni put into the current undergraduates is a testimony to the support network Christendom is fostering, and the ‘Life on Tap’ program shows the importance we place on guiding undergrads towards greatness and leadership positions in business and the community,” says Monroe.

The “Life on Tap” series will feature speakers from a variety of fields this semester, from architecture, business development, sales, entrepreneurship, teaching, and systems engineers, to public policy and law in Washington D.C.

Speakers will include such notable alumni as Frank O’Reilly (’83), founder and CEO of Petrine Construction; Ryan Doughty (’10), business development manager at Cisco; Alex Scrivener (’05), lead cloud services engineer at LiteCloud; Tyler Lowe (’11), director of online education at the Federalist Society for Law & Public Policy; and Emma Boyle (’09), history department chair at John Paul the Great Catholic High School.

Christendom’s timeless and challenging liberal arts education, the same education that prepared the saints, scholars, scientists, and heroes of the past 2000 years of Christendom for greatness, gives students the ability to see the big picture and discover the answers to the most profound problems in our world today. The alumni of Christendom College, armed with their abilities to think critically and communicate with precision, have achieved greatness upon graduation, making Christendom a premier choice for prospective students.

All students and alumni of the college are encouraged to attend all “Life on Tap” events. For more information about the upcoming events, including specific dates, topics, speakers, and location, and to read and see videos from past “Life on Tap” events, please visit here.

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