interns-1Three Christendom students are gaining invaluable work experience, working as staff writing interns with GenYize. Writing for an internet news site geared toward millennials is giving these students the opportunity to use their critical-thinking and writing skills in real world situations, helping them to get ahead of their peers in an increasingly competitive job market.

Current sophomores Ashlyn Thomas, Emma Hackett, and Madeleine Post began working for GenYize this fall, with help from Christendom’s career and leadership development director Greg Monroe. Interning as staff writers, the students are writing on numerous issues, including: How to give an empowering speech, How to nail a job interview, What Pope Francis means to millennials, and Why is it important to build relationships with friends, professors, and professionals during college years.

Being a successful writer requires a certain set of skills, namely critical thinking and written communication, that many colleges are failing to impart to students. Christendom, on the other hand, emphasizes the learning of these skills, and others, in each class offered throughout the entire curriculum, a fact that Madeleine Post believes is helping her excel beyond her peers.

“Christendom College seeks to instill within its students the ‘philosophical habit of mind’ discussed in John Henry Newman’s Idea of a University. This intellectual disposition prepares us to succeed well and beyond our peers because it forms within us the most essential — but most widely forgotten — human skill: right thinking,” says Post. “Any college can train its students and aid them in acquiring skills, but how many colleges offer their students a core curriculum of great books rooted in the context of history?”

Another skill that every student learns at Christendom is intercommunication, seen especially in the personal academic attention given to every student by the faculty and staff of the college. Such an emphasis is certainly aiding Ashlyn Thomas, who believes it is helping her at GenYize now and will continue to help her into the future.

“Working as a staff writer for GenYize has been rewarding and fulfilling for my personal and professional development.  GenYize has shown me one of the many benefits I’m gaining from my liberal arts education: intercommunication,” says Thomas.

“My Christendom education has challenged me to think for myself, understand the importance of effective communication, and recognize the value and the necessity of lifelong learning. I think that Christendom has and continues to prepare me for the workplace in a way that uses these skills for any successful career,” she says.

The articles written by these students have already gained traction amongst their target audience of millennials and beyond, with each one receiving views from hundreds of people on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Christendom has been helping students gain on-the-job experience through internships for years, both on campus and off. Whether in politics, law, journalism, marketing, teaching, or other fields, the college’s career and leadership development office is committed to keeping students ahead in the job market during their time at the college and after.

To find out more about Christendom’s robust career and leadership office, please visit christendom.edu/career.

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