When it comes to Irish dancing, Basia (pronounced “Basha”) Syski does it all. She has been Irish dancing for the past eleven years, and competes at the championship level. When she’s not dancing herself, she’s teaching others how to, through the Leap of Faith Irish Dance Camp, a camp she founded and has directed for the past three years.

As a student at Mount de Sales Academy in Catonsville, Maryland, she has been equally invested in her coursework. Basia is a member of the National Honor Society, the National English Honor Society, National Math Honor Society, and the National Latin Honor Society. She also received the Archdiocese of Baltimore Distinctive Scholar Award for graduating as one of the top three students in her senior class.

In her college search, Basia sought a place that would fulfill her love of learning. While she visited and applied to many places, she only found one that truly felt right: Christendom College.

Syski has been Irish dancing for the past 11 years, and is excited to take her passion for dancing and for the pursuit of Truth to Christendom.

“Throughout my entire college search, I have never encountered another school so eager to teach young people how to live life to the fullest: academically, spiritually, and in communion with others,” says Syski. “The rigorous classes, but most importantly, the professors who teach in accordance with moral law, provide a life-long foundation for intellectual and spiritual growth. I want to learn who I am, who others are, and who God is — and Christendom offers me that opportunity.”

Basia was offered academic scholarship and financial aid from Christendom, but initially her other top pick college was more affordable. However, through Christendom’s Scholarship Price Match Program, she was able to get a financial package that matched her second choice school, and is now looking forward to changing her address to Front Royal, Virginia, in the Fall.

“Because the school is rooted in Catholicism, Christendom offers a unique and compelling integration of study, friendship, and faith. The result? The indomitable Crusader spirit, characterized by love for God and others,” says Syski. “In this fast-paced world so full of distractions, I will be there for my friends, ready to connect with them on a human and fully personal level. Meeting people on a common ground of faith and then digging deeper intellectually can not only produce long-lasting friendships, but can enable us to bring the Truth to the world.”

The college is still accepting applications for the Scholarship Price Match Program. Go here for more details.

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