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Scholarship Price Match Program

Last year, on average, students who used the Scholarship Price Match Program saved an additional $9500 in scholarships per year.

Christendom College’s Scholarship Price Match Program (SPMP) is designed to assist students who are deeply interested in attending Christendom by removing other colleges’ academic scholarship and aid offers as an obstacle to attendance.

Although Christendom College offers competitive merit-based and need-based financial assistance to its students, sometimes, prospective students receive a financial aid package (including academic scholarships, loans, grants, and institutional aid) from another institution of higher learning which makes it appear that it would be less expensive to attend that college, rather than their first-choice: Christendom College.

If you want to attend Christendom College, but are being drawn away due to receiving higher academic scholarship or aid offers from other colleges, Christendom’s financial aid office will work with you to bring its costs more in line with the other college through the implementation of the Scholarship Price Match Program.

Christendom College will look at all of your financial offerings from College A and determine how much money it is asking you to pay to attend it (we call this the bottom line amount), and then use Christendom scholarship money and institutional aid money to make up any differences between Christendom’s bottom line and College A’s bottom line.


    • Restrictions may apply.
    • The college reserves the right to match or not match any particular offer presented, based on its current financial or enrollment needs. In some cases, an offer may not be matched 100%.
    • All applicants must first submit Christendom College’s unique financial aid application and award letters and financial aid packets from the one school to be matched. A match cannot be made unless all of these items have been submitted.
    • Any SPMP award granted in combination with all other aid offered by the college will not exceed 100% of the cost of tuition.
    • This offer is only available to new students who will be living on Christendom’s campus during their 4 years, beginning Fall 2018. Other requirements:
      • Students must have received an academic scholarship from a private, 4-year Catholic college or university.
      • They must submit Christendom College’s “Financial Aid Application,” requesting financial assistance (even if they did not complete the FAFSA for another college).
      • Submit a complete SPMP Application. Please note, only one SPMP application per student may be submitted.
      • Submit the financial aid/academic scholarship award letter from the private 4-year Catholic college or university, AS WELL AS the letter showing how much you will have to pay at that same college or university.
      • The SPMP committee may make exceptions and allow applicants to submit information from select public or private non-Catholic schools on a case-by-case basis.
      • All books, travel, and personal expenses must be paid in full by students/families and the college will not apply the SPMP to work study credit given to student.

To be considered for the SPMP, download the application below, and send (also include your award letters and your financial aid statement from the college you wish us to match) to Tom McFadden, VP for Enrollment, 134 Christendom Drive, Front Royal, VA 22630 or by email at

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