The medical field continues to be one of the most popular career options for college students, but how can the liberal arts prepare someone for success in it?  According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC): “As you select a college remember that just as in high school, a good liberal arts education is a key ingredient to becoming a physician. You’ll need a strong foundation in mathematics and the sciences that relate most to medicine: biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. But it’s important for your college experience to be broad. Taking courses in the humanities or liberal arts will help you prepare for the ‘people’ side of medicine.”

Christendom has many alumni in the medical field, including dentists, physicians, nurses, psychological counselors, surgeons, mental health counselors, physical therapists. Alumnae Catherine McFadden and Margaret Luckey, both successful in the field, spoke on the secrets to their success at the latest “Life on Tap” networking event of the fall.

McFadden, who just finished an accelerated nursing degree program at George Mason University, and Luckey, a mental health counselor, dove into how their undergraduate educations helped them rise above their peers, providing valuable insights to the over a hundred students in attendance.

Watch the video below:

Christendom’s “Life on Tap” events, hosted by the college’s career and leadership development office, give students the unique opportunity to learn how their liberal arts education can prepare them for any vocational calling after graduation, no matter how complex, by bringing back successful alumni from a variety of different fields to give talks and mentor students. One more “Life on Tap” is scheduled for this fall: October 24 (Law school/Law).

To find our more about “Life on Tap,” see past events, and see the upcoming schedule, please visit here.

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