Deacon Michael Baggot (’07) will become Christendom’s 83rd alumnus priest when he is ordained in Rome by Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, president of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State, on December 16.

Deacon Baggot, who converted to Catholicism shortly before arriving at Christendom, first began discerning his vocation to the priesthood while in college. The college’s commitment to the Magisterium provided him with a “full immersion in Catholic culture,” from the classes to the social life. His four years ended up being instrumental in his eventual entrance into the seminary.

“At the heart of Christendom’s role in forming my Catholic ethos was its function as a school of prayer,” says Deacon Baggot. “Early in my studies, I implemented the sage advice of committing the first half hour of my day to mental prayer in the chapel each morning, no matter how late the events the previous evening continued. I also joined fellow students who would gather daily in the chapel to bookend the day with communal Lauds and Vespers. Classes would cease at midday so that student and professor alike could share the pews and fill Christ the King Chapel with the Lord’s praises during the Holy Mass.”

Deacon Michael Baggot (’07) will be Christendom’s 83rd alumnus priest.

Deacon Baggot was involved in everything on campus, from performing in plays, to learning how to dance, to participating in the pro-life group, to volunteering with the Legion of Mary,  to working as an Experience Christendom Summer Program counselor, and even serving as head resident assistant his senior year. He truly did it all, living his life at the school to the fullest, and learning valuable skills as a student, a leader, and a servant.

He began his formation with the Legionaries of Christ in 2008, and studied as a novitiate in Germany before going to Rome to begin a licentiate degree in philosophy at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. He also received a diploma in bioethics/medical ethics and a bachelor’s in theology from the same institution. In between his studies in Rome, Deacon Baggot also served as a correspondent for the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights, as a tour guide in the Vatican Museums, as the director of the Rome office for Catholic Worldview Fellowship, and as an assistant professor for the Pontifical Athenaeum.

Deacon Baggot has already lived a full life, that is about to become that much more enriched upon entering the priesthood.

His ordination can be watched live on the Legionaires’ website, at regnumchristi.org.

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