Events are part of the day-to-day lives of every person. Everyone has gone to an event of some sort — a wedding, a gala, a business event, or a fundraiser. While the events themselves are often impressive, what happens behind the scenes is often more so, with event planners using creativity, critical thinking, and leadership to plan and execute a successful event. If you’re good at this job, it can often lead to great success. Thankfully for Christendom students, their education is the perfect launching pad for event planning, as evidenced by the success of alumni in the field.

From running to their own event planning businesses to taking part in successful ones, Christendom alumni have been found planning events for important political figures, universities, and weddings. Alumni Shelagh Bolger and Mike Brown, a professional event planner and the owner of a catering company respectively, both spoke on how current students can find success in event planning at the first “Life on Tap” networking event of the spring.

Bolger, event planner for Hewell Events Group, and Brown, owner of Downtown Catering Company, provided helpful insights for how students can utilize their skills learned in and outside the classroom to find success in event planning. Bolger spoke on how she directly used her education, both in the classroom and from college extracurriculars, to become a successful event planner, while Brown dove into the need for passion in one’s work if they are to find any success.

Watch the video below:

Christendom’s “Life on Tap” events, hosted by the college’s career development office, give students the unique opportunity to learn how their liberal arts education can prepare them for any vocational calling after graduation, no matter how complex, by bringing back successful alumni from a variety of different fields to give talks and mentor students.

To find our more about “Life on Tap,” see past events, and see the upcoming schedule, please visit here.

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