College is one of the biggest investments one makes in life. While it can cost a lot, the returns are often great, with graduates embarking on successful careers for the rest of their lives. Still, making that initial investment can be difficult, as was the case for current freshmen Nhema Nkere and Stephen Buonocore. While the cost of college initially seemed daunting, Christendom’s Scholarship Price Match Program made attending their top choice college possible, resulting in an education and a culture that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Nkere, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, attended Mount de Sales Academy, a Catholic private school, during high school. She wanted a college education that would help continue to engage her mind while at the same time strengthen her core Catholic values. She visited a few different Catholic colleges during her search as a result, but it was her week at Christendom during the Experience Christendom Summer Program where she fell in “love at first sight.”

Nehema Nkere first encountered Christendom at the Experience Christendom Summer Program, and it was “love at first sight.”

“I fell in love with Christendom during my visit,” says Nkere. “Many things happened that week that told me that this place was something special and that I should become a part of it. The Shenandoah Valley landscape, the meals with the faculty, the swing dances, and of course the curriculum based on the teachings of the Church all caused me to want to attend.”

Nkere applied for admission to Christendom last year and worked with the admissions office to get a Scholarship Price Match. The program, which is a highlight of Christendom’s financial aid offerings and unique to the world of Catholic higher education, allows students to submit a scholarship proposal from another Catholic college. If it ends up costing less to attend another 4-year Catholic college, then Christendom works to match the bottom line deal. In Nkere’s case, this match is what made a Christendom education a reality.

The same can be said for Buonocore. Hailing from Manassas, Virginia, Buonocore had Christendom listed as his number one choice for college. A student with Mother of Divine Grace during high school, Buonocore also played baseball in high school, and wanted to attend a school where he could continue receiving a well-rounded, robust Catholic education while playing a sport he loved. Buonocore saw Christendom as the ideal place to receive both.

Stephen Buonocore wanted to attend a college that would challenge him to grow, and where he could also continue his love of baseball. Christendom proved to be perfect.

“The prospect of such an education in a solid, Catholic setting was very intriguing, and I most definitely wished to pursue it,” says Buonocore. “I think that my time at Christendom will help immensely to prepare me for the future and determine my vocation, while also providing a good foundation and background for many career opportunities. Already, as a second semester freshman, I have had some amazing opportunities, including getting to play basketball against an NCAA Division 1 team last fall, and now, playing against some great teams on the baseball diamond this spring.”

College may be a big investment, but Christendom is making that investment much easier to handle. To find out more about the Scholarship Price Match Program, please visit here.

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