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Unique Price Match Program Helps Chesterton Devotee Afford College

June 12, 2018

Lilliana Johnson loves G.K. Chesterton – borderline fanatic, to be exact. When she was looking for the best college to attend, she wanted to find a place that had the same level of scholarship as the legendary literary figure, and would prepare her to help in the revival of the great works of Western Civilization in today’s culture. Only one place fit the bill for her: Christendom.

Johnson, a Louisiana native, first discovered Christendom in the “Newman Guide for Choosing a Catholic College.” Christendom immediately jumped out to her, with its core curriculum rooted in the history of Western Civilization and its greatest thinkers and figures (including G.K. Chesterton). For Johnson, this made Christendom not only a natural extension to the education she was receiving through St. Thomas Aquinas Academy for the Liberal Arts, but also a chance to learn in an environment that shared her love for Chesterton and his many works. While she was looking at a variety of colleges, all it took was attending the Experience Christendom Summer Program for Johnson to know where she would go to college.

Lilliana Johnson loves G.K. Chesterton, and hopes to help in the revival of the great works of Western Civilization in today’s culture.

“Out of the number of Catholic colleges and universities in North America, a handful stood out as being exemplar in their fidelity to the Church and unabashed Catholic culture,” says Johnson. “Out of that handful, Christendom caught my attention, particularly for its exceptional emphasis on the vital necessity of tradition and the objectivity of truth, and its small, tight-knit community. Since I was first drawn to Christendom while poring over the ‘Newman Guide,’ my attraction to the college has steadily deepened. After participating in the Experience Christendom Summer Program last past summer, I knew that there is nowhere else I’d rather be for the next four years.”

Johnson applied to Christendom in the early fall, but became concerned about being able to afford a private, out-of-state university. After applying to a number of Catholic colleges, Johnson found that Christendom’s cost of attendance was a little more expensive than her 2nd choice college. She applied for Christendom’s price match program and received a better financial offer, more in line with the other college’s bottom line cost of attendance.

Johnson was impressed with Christendom’s academics from the beginning, but really fell in love with them after attending the Experience Christendom Summer Program.

Johnson plans on only deepening her love of writing and of the great works while at Christendom. In high school, she helped cofound a long-distance book club and won first place in a New Orleans Chesterton Society essay contest, accomplishments that should help her excel in college.

Her plans are bold — to help revive the great works of Western Civilization in today’s culture — but with her passion and her educational background, Johnson has much to look forward to in her future, both at Christendom and beyond.

“I have a desire to contribute to the revival of the great works of Western Civilization in our culture, and to bring others to truth through writing, and Christendom provides exactly the kind of rigorous, well-ordered academic and extra-curricular life that I have sought in order to be strengthened for this object,” concludes Johnson.”

Johnson cannot wait to become a part of the Christendom community and all that it offers.

Although Christendom’s financial aid offerings are competitive with other 4-year Catholic colleges and universities, each year, there are a number of students who greatly benefit from utilizing the price match program to lower their financial bottom line. There is a unique application for this financial offering, and the college reserves the right to match or not match competitors deals, depending on a variety of circumstances.

For more information about this unique program, go here.