Successful alumni in the fields of communications, law, DC-area think tanks, and software development will return to campus for Christendom’s alumni mentorship networking series “Life on Tap” this spring, sharing their valuable knowledge with students. Giving opportunities for insights and providing one-on-one time with alumni for all interested students, “Life on Tap” promises to be one of the most valuable series for students this semester interested in getting a head start on their career discernment.

Hosted by the college’s career development office, this spring’s mentorship networking series will begin with a focus on the fields of editorial and communications, featuring 2010 alumna Amanda Vicinanzo and 2015 alumna Maria Bonvissuto. Vicananzo will speak on her experience as the Public Information Officer for the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office and her previous time as the online managing editor of Homeland Security Today, while Bonvissuto will give insights into her time as the marketing associate for Oakcrest School and the editorial assistant and senior assistant managing editor for Regnery Publishing.

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Donald Goodman (’03) and Joseph Mazzara (’08) will speak on law. Goodman went immediately from Christendom to William and Mary Law School, passing the bar in 2006. In addition to the insights he will provide into navigating law school, Goodman will speak on his time as a criminal prosecutor, first in Martinsville and then in Loudoun County since 2014. Mazzara, who served for six years as an artillery officer in the Marine Corps, attended the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, and will talk about his time as a military attorney for the Marine Corps’ National Capital Region as well as for the Marine Corps Reserve.

Christendom’s proximity to Washington, D.C., means that many alumni go to work in the District following graduation, often for various think tanks. Monica Burke (’17) is one of those alumni, now working for The Heritage Foundation. She will discuss her work as a research assistant there — a role that has also led her to penning articles and making television appearances to discuss life, marriage, and religious liberty issues. Her classmate, Abigail Wilkinson, is the programs manager at the James Wilson Institute, after working as the higher education programs coordinator for the Cardinal Newman Society — two different experiences that give her a variety of topics to bring up during her talk.

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The fields of software development and IT will provide the final “Life on Tap” of the spring semester, featuring alumni Tim Lanahan (’10) and Bennett Ellis (’91). Lanahan spent three years teaching before earning his MS in systems engineering from George Mason University. Currently a senior associate software engineer for Capital One, Lanahan will give the secrets to his success in the software industry. Ellis will do the same, digging into his time as the chief software architect for NovusCG and IMB Global Services, as well as his time as a development manager for Ingo. Ellis recently founded his own software company, Slice, LLC, and will provide insight into both founding and running a software company.

Life on Tap is held in the college’s St. Kilian’s Café and is open only to students, faculty, and staff. For more information, please visit christendom.edu/career.

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