Christendom’s campus culture is bucking the norm of typical colleges by promoting happy relationships and marriages, according to a new article from Cardinal Newman Society founder Patrick Reilly. In just over 40 years, nearly 500 alumnus-alumna marriages have occurred — evidence that the college’s culture and policies are helping students find meaningful and authentic relationships.

Today’s college campuses often promote relationships that fall outside of Catholic teachings — whether is be through their academic programs, housing policies, or campus culture. This poses a problem to high school students looking for a college where they can grow not only academically, but also build healthy relationships during their college years. Thankfully, according to Reilly, solutions can be found at faithful Catholic colleges — including Christendom.

At Christendom, students study in an academic program that is in total adherence with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Throughout their classes, students learn about Catholic doctrine and moral theology, gaining a greater knowledge of the principles of the faith — especially pertaining to the Church’s teachings on sexuality, marriage and family. Through learning about the beauty of marriage and family in the classroom, students are well-equipped to live out this vocational calling.

Outside of the classroom, the college has put in place policies that promote these teachings. The college provides only single-sex residence halls to its students, setting itself apart from typical colleges.

“By having single-sex halls, students have a unique opportunity to continue their moral formation distinctly as men and women. In a culture that does a poor job of promoting the dignity and distinctions of the genders, we see a great benefit in designating single-sex space where men and women are able to deepen their understanding of their own masculinity and femininity,” said Amanda Graf, vice president of student affairs, in an interview with the Cardinal Newman Society.

Reilly, in his article, further points out the difference between policies like the ones at Christendom and what is found at most colleges in the United States.

“But even more than the academic study, Christendom’s campus fosters healthy relationships by providing only single-sex dorms,” says Reilly. “That’s opposite to the typical college hookup culture, but the marriages among Christendom alumni are evidence that true love is in the air.”

Since the college’s founding, there have been 483 alumnus-alumna marriages, with the most recent occurring just this past January.

To read the full article from Reilly, click here.

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