When it came time for James and John Gordon to apply for college, a faithful Catholic college was a must. The Gordon brothers hail from a conservative Catholic family in the Northwest, and they desired an undergraduate education that would help them develop not only in the classroom but in their faith as well. Financially, though, this initially looked to be impossible — until, thanks to Christendom’s Price Match program, they were able to finally fulfill their collegiate goals.

The Gordons hail from Oregon and spent nearly all of their lives there, before moving to Idaho their senior year of high school. The oldest of nine children, James and John were both homeschooled for the majority of their lives, along with time spent in a charter school and in co-ops as well. With this background, it is no wonder that both brothers wanted a similarly faithful and conservative collegiate education — and Christendom was on their list.

“As a Catholic from a conservative family, Christendom had always been on my list of possible college options,” says John Gordon. “I had never seriously considered coming to Christendom until I attended the 2018 Experience Christendom Summer Program, saw the campus, and met some of the professors — and it turned out to be a blast.”

Finding out that James and John both enjoyed themselves was good news to their mother, Jessica, as well. Writer of the popular Catholic blog, Shower of Roses, Jessica herself attended Christendom for a year back in the 1990s and had hoped that, one day, her children might have the same opportunity she had to study in such an environment.

After attending the Experience Christendom Summer Program, both brothers knew they wanted to attend Christendom.

James and John ended up applying, but immediately there were financial questions on whether they would be able to attend.

“Having just moved to a new state, and with baby number nine due to arrive the week our boys would be leaving for college, figuring out how to swing the high cost of college was overwhelming. Even with merit-based scholarships, most of the other colleges on our boys’ lists were completely out of reach,” recalls Jessica Gordon.

The college’s admissions office offered the Gordons a solution to their problem: the Price Match program.

“Christendom was my number one pick, but because of the price I was concerned that I would not be able to afford coming here,” says James Gordon. “Without Christendom’s Price Match deal, I would unfortunately not be attending Christendom right now. Now, Christendom is preparing me for when I graduate to not only get a good job but to also be able to defend and live out the Faith.”

Both brothers are now in their second semester of freshman year. Friends they met during the summer program are now their classmates, and professors they had then are now teaching them as well. Outside of the classroom, James is especially enjoying the opportunities for intramural sports, while John is teaching other students swing dances moves as part of the Swing n’ Sundaes student club.

Now, they’re both thriving — in and outside of the classroom.

Without Price Match, neither would be fulfilling their hope of attending Christendom. Now, they cannot imagine life any other way — something that their mother agrees with as well.

“I am so happy that James and John are both at Christendom this year and hope that some of our other children will be able to join them once they graduate high school as well,” says Jessica. “Definitely have your college-bound students do whatever they can to boost SAT/ACT/CLT scores to earn merit-based scholarships, then apply to a variety of Catholic colleges before submitting the best offer for Christendom’s price match program. It made all the difference for us.”

The Gordon brothers are a long way from their home state of Oregon, but, more than a semester into their undergraduate education at Christendom, they feel they have now found another home in the Shenandoah Valley, where they are learning the skills they need to excel in life and in their future vocation.

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