Alumni business managers Jackson Kulick (’09) and Dan Beller (’12) shared their success stories and answered students’ questions at Life on Tap, held on Wednesday, February 19. The two offered helpful insights and professional guidance to students, encouraging them to take advantage of all that Christendom has to offer in preparation for their future careers.

Through this speaker series, which is hosted by the college’s career development office, alumni have come back to speak about their careers in STEM, multimedia marketing, IT, software development, law, education, architecture, finance, medicine, and more, helping students discern their future careers in the process.

Jackson Kulick (’09) manages employees as the joint CEO of Blue Ridge Graphics, a company that does t-shirt screen-printing for major universities and businesses across Virginia. He also works as a consultant for a Solar company and has helped start two non-profits.

Looking back, Kulick was most grateful for the relationships he formed with students and professors while at Christendom, and how these interpersonal skills helped him with working with employees later in his career. As a manager, Kulick works hard to respect the dignity of every employee, whether through meetings or one-one-one interactions.

“The character and eternal perspective I learned at Christendom has definitely helped me,” he said. “Christendom prepares you really well for the professional world and how to deal with the hardships that will come along the way.”

Kulick concluded by encouraging students to cultivate a prayer life and to find good mentors as well during their career discernment.

Following Kulick was Dan Beller (’12), the chief operating officer of Econize Closets & Blinds, where he has been employed since graduation. In his role, he directly serves clients while also overseeing all aspects of operations for the company, including scheduling, sales, inventory, custom material orders, HR, and accounting.

Beller found his current employer through Christendom connections, so the networking available through the college proved to be invaluable during his initial job search. Beller also shared that, at Christendom, he learned how to carry himself as a professional.

“Treat your current vocation like it’s your career,” he said. “And realize that whether it’s your personal life, spiritual life, or work life, they all take hard work.”

Finally, he encouraged students not to think too narrowly about whether their studies will be “useful” in a career. Instead he reminded them to recognize how a liberal arts education teaches students how to write and communicate well, think critically and problem solve, prioritize their time, systematize everyday tasks, and ultimately how live a well-balanced life.

Kulick and Beller are just two examples of alumni who have united their professional interests with their liberal arts background to excel in the field of their choice. In March, Christendom will welcome communications and journalism professionals for the next Outside the Box speaker series, giving students more networking opportunities and career guidance in those fields.

To find out more about Christendom’s career offerings, please visit here.

Contributed by Gabriela Pariseau (’20)

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