Kaelyn Marble was set on attending a Catholic college. A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Marble wanted to attend only one in particular, until everything changed in the spring of her senior year of high school. While in Virginia, she visited Christendom College, and found the educational setting she did not even know she was looking for until she saw it at Christendom. While attending such an institution seemed financially difficult at first, the college’s Price Match program and Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition made her dream become a reality.

Marble spent her early educational years either being homeschooled or attending a liberal arts high school. In both cases, she fell in love with studying the greatest thinkers of Western Civilization in a Catholic setting, making her want to continue such an education into her college years as well.

During this time, she had her heart set on one Catholic college, but her mother encouraged her to explore other colleges as well. Marble was a student of Seton Home Study School in middle school and so received their magazines frequently. Each time she flipped through one, she saw an ad for another Catholic college — Christendom. While she was still set on the other school, this exposure kept Christendom as another option in her mind from middle school through high school.

Her senior year, while on her way to visit another college, Marble decided to make a stop at Christendom and experience a day’s worth of classes. The decision changed everything.

“People took time to say hello, and they really seemed to care,” recalls Marble. “I was impressed by the professors and by the classroom offerings. I’ve always wanted a specialization for my college degree, but also a strong general foundation in the liberal arts as well. Christendom offered the education that I did not even know I was looking for until I saw it here.”

Quickly, her college decision became much more complicated. Marble went to the one place she knew she could find clarity — God. After being inspired by a similar act she heard about from a friend, she decided to ask God for a sign: if she saw a red rose, she was meant to go to her original college of choice. If she saw a white rose, she was meant to go to Christendom.

“The very next day, I went to Church. I’m in the choir loft and I look down and see a vase of white flowers — white roses. I looked up, and said thank you to God, and from then on I was set on Christendom,” says Marble.

While she now knew Christendom was the place for her, Marble still had another hurdle to cross: the cost of attendance. College is an expensive venture, and private institutions even more so. And yet, Marble was provided with a plan here as well. She discovered the college’s Price Match program and their Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition, applied for both, and waited for the results.

“College as far as private education was going to be hard to afford,” says Marble. “The Price Match program really made a big difference in me being able to come here. It brought down the cost significantly, giving me the benefits of the aid from another institution so I could come here. In addition, I competed in the Padre Pio competition as well, and was awarded one of the runner-up scholarships. Both were instrumental in me being able to come here.”

Now a student, Marble is enjoying all that campus has to offer — including participating in the college’s annual A Cappella competition.

Now, Marble is in her second semester of college at Christendom. In addition to her classes, Marble is involved with the college’s Swing n’ Sundaes club, works in the admissions office, and serves as a volunteer for the college’s Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop as well. Amidst everything, she is most grateful for the relationships she is forming — relationships that are helping her to grow in ways she did not anticipate.

“These relationships are teaching me how to love better, and I feel like I could not have gotten this anywhere else,” says Marble. “Here, you’re taught to love as Christ wants us to love. People here are striving to grow and be in service to one another, and this has helped me to grow as well.”

Marble always wanted to attend a Catholic college. Because she followed God’s plan for her life, she found herself at a place better than she imagined, where she is growing in knowledge, friendship, and — most of all — in her faith.

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