When sophomore Brian Hicks started listening to The Patrick Madrid Show one afternoon a few years ago, he had no idea his life was about to change. He and his father were on a freeway in California, listening to Madrid’s show on Relevant Radio, when the show cut to a commercial break and played an ad for Christendom College. Hicks was enrolled at a secular college at the time, and this was the first he had heard of Christendom. A few years later, Hicks is now a thriving student at the college, thanks to a simple ad heard one afternoon in California. 

Hicks is a California native, before moving to Boise, Idaho, this past summer. From preschool through high school, he was educated in the private Catholic school system and enjoyed learning through the lens of Catholic teaching. When college rolled around, he started off at a junior college but found that the environment was not what he wanted from his college education.

“After high school, I went to a secular junior college for two years,” remembers Hicks. “After that amount of exposure to that way of teaching, I really wanted to keep learning the faith, not only so I’d have the knowledge of it but so that I could articulate more to those around me as well. I really wanted the type of learning where the Catholic faith is central to everything we do.”

As these thoughts became more solidified, Hicks heard of Christendom on the radio during that fateful afternoon drive. His Dad encouraged him to look more into it, and from then on Hicks began the process of applying to the college.

While everything about Christendom looked like exactly what Hicks was looking for, the tuition initially held him back. After talking with the college’s admissions office, however, he found out about the Price Match program, which suddenly made the improbable look possible.

“[The Price Match program] helped me in my college decision because tuition was probably the biggest issue on whether I would come to Christendom or not,” recalls Hicks. “I knew I wanted to come here from the first second I heard about Christendom but working out the logistics of it was what held most of my attention until I came in 2018. It was cool to see that admissions really wanted people to come here and that they would help in any way possible.” 

Finally, in the fall of 2018, Hicks made the trek from California to Christendom for the first time. Immediately, he fit right into campus life. He fell in love with his coursework, quickly found new friends, and made the varsity men’s soccer team — all within the first semester. When his freshman year came to an end, he was invited to return to campus during the summer as one of the college’s Experience Christendom Summer Program counselors, giving him the opportunity to share his own story with high school seniors.

“My favorite thing so far has been the amount that I have been growing in all areas of my life,” says Hicks. “The classes have been everything I have ever wanted. Reading great literature, learning how to articulate myself in the aspects of the Faith, learning history without an agenda behind it. I love learning in general but the type of learning that one gets here cannot be beat. The people on campus have been amazing too — I have made such good friends here. We’ve had so many good discussions about the Faith and just discussions about the things we struggle with. I can honestly say that they are pushing me to be the best version of myself in every way possible.”

Right now, Hicks is at his new home in Boise, continuing his sophomore year from his home due to the closing of Christendom’s campus. Being apart from his professors, his friends, and the campus he’s grown to love has been difficult, but Hicks is still focusing on what he’s grateful for during these times.

“I’m most grateful for the opportunities to keep growing in the Faith in my classes but also outside of them because the faithfulness to the truth — that is the Catholic Faith — of everyone is so evident in all that they do,” concludes Hicks. 

To find out more about Christendom’s Price Match program, visit here.

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