Since its launch in April, Catholics across the country are finding spiritual nourishment from Christendom College’s new video series, “Principles for Your Week.” The “thought-provoking” series, hosted by college President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, provides helpful tips and reflections for Catholic families, drawing them deeper into the Faith during a time when many still lack access to the sacraments.

Across the country, Catholics have been experiencing a dark, isolated time, where many have felt cut off from their faith. “Principles for Your Week” was created as a response, offering weekly messages of hope for Catholics and reminding them of the treasures of the Catholic heritage. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with viewers looking forward to the next installment each week.

“What I like about them is that they are just the right size,” says Michael Lowry, who is also a benefactor of the college. “Five minutes of interesting, easily digestible content. I think they are great, and it’s always good to hear from Dr. O’Donnell.”

Another viewer was inspired by the topics O’Donnell has chosen for his videos, especially a recent installment focusing on the Power of Holy Water.

“We really like how Dr. O’Donnell speaks — he is very clear and straightforward and accessible,” says the viewer. “They are thought-provoking, especially the Power of Holy water video. I found value in hearing things from a new perspective. In summary, the videos are interesting, uplifting and informative.”

Since the start of the series, “Principles for Your Week” has covered topics ranging from how to celebrate Holy Week at Home, to the importance of the Priesthood, to finding inspiration in the story of Pope Leo the Great and Attila the Hun. Each video is short, offering viewers an easily digestible reflection that they can think on and carry with them for the rest of their week.

To view the latest video and to sign up to receive new videos each week, visit here.

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