Thousands of college students across the country are set to graduate in the coming weeks, ready to enter a workforce far more competitive than many expected. With members from last year’s graduating class still on the job hunt and over 60% of hiring managers looking to hire recent graduates, the Class of 2021 will need to stand out from their peers if they want to land jobs — something that Christendom’s upcoming graduates are already accomplishing. Members of the Class of 2021, like Peter Cermak, Bridget Duffy, and Marcus Hynfield, already have jobs lined up for post-graduation, thanks to their balanced liberal arts education and help they received from Christendom’s Career Development Office.

Despite the economic uncertainty of last year, Christendom’s Class of 2020 reported an overall success rate of 98.8% six months after graduation, with 87.6% employed and 11.2% in graduate school. The demand for Christendom graduates remains high going into the summer of 2021, with upcoming graduates, like Cermak, ready to begin work immediately following graduation.

Cermak, a mathematics major, is set to work as an engineer for Clark Construction in Bethesda, Maryland, after working internships for them during the summers between academic years. For Cermak, his education at Christendom played a large role in him attaining his first post-graduate job.

“I am a mathematics major and so, in combination with the core, I received a very balanced education which helped me learn to think and write clearly and to effectively problem solve,” says Cermak. “This balance has prepared me very well for my future career, which will include many problem-solving challenges in the area of engineering and logistics, as well as communication challenges that are part of a general contractor’s job.”

While Cermak does not have an engineering degree, his mathematics degree, in combination with his critical thinking and communication skills, helped him ultimately stand out from the pack and attain an engineering career.

For Hynfield, not having a major in his career field — IT and software development — ultimately did not matter for him, either. Instead, his liberal arts background helped him successfully navigate the hiring process and attain a job at Virtual Service Operations.

“My entire time at Christendom has prepared me for this point in my life, and my education here particularly enabled me to ace the hiring process, and I believe will help me excel at my job,” says Hynfield. “As a Classics minor, I’m used to handling complex languages and problems, and as a Theology major, I can view these issues holistically.

When it came to discerning his career field, Hynfield’s time spent with the college’s Director of Career Development, Kristin Stephens, proved instrumental as well.

“My meetings with Mrs. Stephens especially helped me to find excellent employment, as she was actually the one who connected me to the company for which I’m now going to work,” says Hynfield. “She and [Vice President for Enrollment] Tom McFadden gave me the tools I needed to get an interview and ace it as well.”

Christendom’s Career Office works hard to forge relationships with a variety of companies and alumni, providing students with a wide network to tap into if they are interested in a specific career field for after college. That network was helpful for Duffy, who ultimately found the teaching job she was hoping for thanks to assistance from Stephens.

“The career office greatly helped me in my pursuit of my vocation to be a teacher by providing connections with fantastic schools all over the country,” says Duffy. “The career office also served as a reliable reference for me to build my connections with Christendom alumni and the network of Catholic schools.”

Duffy, an English Language and Literature major, will be teaching full time for Ville de Marie Academy in Arizona following graduation, helping students learn Latin, History, Literature and Humane Letters (Literature/History).

Being able to teach is a dream of Duffy’s, which was fostered during her time in college. Looking back, she is grateful for how Christendom prepared her to take her first steps into her vocation.

“Christendom has not only provided me with an incredible education in the liberal arts, the result of which is my eager desire to share this education with others, but Christendom has also provided me with the community and the connections enabling me to secure this position among a solidly Catholic community,” concludes Duffy.

Engineering, software development, and teaching are just a few of the career fields that members of the Class of 2021 are jumping into right after graduation. Others are going into photography, farming, and the military, with many also going into graduate school as well to continue their studies. Even in a highly competitive job market, Christendom graduates are being hired by employers over other applicants due to their education and their character. For the Class of 2021, their time at Christendom made all the difference.

“At the end of my time here, I’m just glad God put this school in my life: I’ve met my soon to be wife here, I’ve learned and internalized so much about my faith and the world, and because of this school I’m now getting a great job right out of college,” concludes Hynfield.

For more on Christendom’s career development offerings, visit here.

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