This past Saturday, April 9, over 100 Christendom students drove to nearby Falls Church, Virginia, to prayerfully protest the evils of abortion for the college’s semesterly MegaShield event. Students prayed outside the abortion clinic all morning, praying rosaries, singing hymns, and bearing a powerful witness to the pro-life cause during a critical time in America’s history.

MegaShield is organized by the college’s pro-life club Shield of Roses, which protests abortion every Saturday morning during the academic year. Once a semester, Shield of Roses organizes the MegaShield event, which brings the greater college community together for this powerful cause. Over 100 students, along with several faculty members, made the journey to Northern Virginia this past Saturday morning — a witness that was inspiring to Shield of Roses president Caroline Connell.

“MegaShield is an opportunity to build up hope: in each other, in those who have been in this fight for much longer and struggle to see any change, and — perhaps most importantly — in the mothers seeking abortion who are scared and thought they were alone,” says Connell.

The MegaShield event comes on the heels of the college leading this year’s historic March for Life, with both events occurring as the Supreme Court currently deliberates over the Jackson v. Dobbs case that could overturn Roe v. Wade in the United States. For Connell, this made the work of Shield of Roses this year that much more important.

“After Shield of Roses one day, an older woman came over to me said, ‘Thank you for being here, seeing you young people really gives me hope that the pro-life cause isn’t lost,’” recalls Connell. “To be Catholic is to be pro-life, and it is essential that this is evident not only by our words, but by our actions as well,” said Connell.

Shield of Roses is the college’s oldest club, with the group forming in the year of the college’s founding. For nearly 45 years, the group has consistently prayed for an end to abortion and achieved success, with two abortion clinics prayed at by Shield of Roses shutting down over the years. The group’s efforts have been applauded by many, including the Diocese of Arlington’s Bishop Michael Burbidge, with the bishop joining the group on multiple occasions.

Learn more about Shield of Roses here.

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