Christendom College has appointed Dr. Amanda Graf as the college’s new Acting Executive Vice President, effective January 8. Graf, who has served at the college for twelve years, including five as Vice President of Student Affairs, brings a deep love of Christendom’s mission to her new role, where she will help manage all of the administrative and operational affairs of the College.

“I’m delighted to name Dr. Amanda Graf our new Acting Executive Vice President,” says College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell. “Amanda will start in this new role on January 8, 2024. For twelve years now, Amanda has provided the college with exemplary service, continually improving processes and policies regarding student conduct, guiding us through key aspects of our COVID response, and helping in the design and implementation of our strategic plan. In particular, Amanda has consistently demonstrated a passion for the wellbeing of our students, as well as a deep concern for the viewpoints of faculty, other staff, and parents. I am thrilled to have her serving in this new role for the college.”

Graf first joined the Christendom community in the fall of 2011 as the Director of Residence Life, after serving as a Catholic missionary with FOCUS. She graduated from the University of Illinois in 2008 with a degree in print journalism and from George Washington University with a master’s in education in 2015 and a doctorate in higher education administration in 2023.

In 2017, Graf was promoted to Director of Student Affairs at the college, overseeing and supporting all of the student life department as it seeks to form young men and women on campus.

Graf was made Vice President of Student Affairs in 2018. During her time as vice president, Graf expertly helped Christendom through improving processes and policies regarding student conduct, along with helping guide the college through the COVID pandemic, especially in regard to the care of students at that challenging time. She also played a critical role in helping current Executive Vice President Mark Rohlena in the design and implementation of the college’s strategic plan.

While Graf will continue to oversee Student Affairs for the time being — through some delegation of responsibility to the Student Life Office team, and the assistance of other members of the college’s Executive Team — her primary focus will be helping the college transition smoothly into its next chapter.

“I’m honored and humbled that Dr. O’Donnell and Mark Rohlena would give me the opportunity to serve the College as the Acting Executive Vice President,” says Graf. “I love Christendom, its mission and community, and hope that in this new role I can contribute to its continued success.”

Current Executive Vice President Mark Rohlena, who served Christendom for five and a half years, will become the Napa Institute’s Executive Director in January. Under his leadership at Christendom, the college experienced great success in both recruitment and fundraising—setting records in both.

Graf will be taking over for Rohlena, who will begin serving the Napa Institute as their executive director in January. Rohlena will help lead the Catholic organization in this esteemed role, including opening up their new Washington, D.C., office in 2024.

“I want to take a moment to publicly thank Mark for his five and a half years of dedicated leadership at the College,” says O’Donnell. “During his time serving the entire Christendom community, Mark oversaw all college operations including strategic planning, admissions, fundraising, public relations, and student life. Under his leadership, the college experienced great success in both recruitment and fundraising—setting records in both. From navigating the difficulties of COVID-19 to the dedication of our new Christ the King Chapel, Mark blessed the college with his faithful and humble guidance.”

The college wishes to thank Rohlena for his many years of service, his sacrifices, and his commitment to the college’s mission during his time as Executive Vice President. The college is also excited to see Graf step into this role in the new year, as she looks to continue stewarding the college’s educational apostolate.

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