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Alumni Testimonies

“I think going to Christendom was one of the smartest choices I have made. On a daily basis, I am faced with challenges which require me to fall back on some of the courses I took at Christendom, and yet not one of these courses was directly job-related. Classes like Logic, Euclidean Geometry, Rhetoric, and the Philosophy of Psychology all are incredibly relevant in today’s work force.

When you spend four years at a school like Christendom, when you take classes like Moral Theology and Doctrine, when you have a beautiful chapel dead center on campus with frequent access to Mass and the Sacraments, you can’t help but grow in personal integrity. And unless you are very blessed, once you enter the work force, no matter which career you choose, you will be faced each and every day with challenges to that morality and integrity. Trust me on this one! Knowing the absolute Truth – having the morals my parents taught me reinforced on a daily basis at Christendom in all the course I took – these are really the most valuable lessons one can learn in preparation for adult life.”

Christopher Young (Class of 1997), Attorney

“My education at Christendom College was superb and has served as an invaluable resource from which I have drawn on many occasions. It was obvious my professors believed and valued what they taught. Christendom taught me how to think, to reason, to speak about and to defend the Faith in a convincing manner. I also benefitted greatly from the atmosphere of Christendom College. To form me spiritually, Christendom offered reverent daily Masses, splendid preaching, daily adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and daily recitation of the Rosary. To form me socially and to give me a greater appreciation for Catholic culture, Christendom offered healthy social activities. Before I entered Christendom, I had heard God calling me to the priesthood. My time at Christendom fostered this call and prepared me well for my seminary training and for my life as a future priest. During the time I have spent in parishes, hospital work, and religious education after graduation from Christendom, I have drawn heavily from what I learned there in order to explain the Faith to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I am grateful to God for sending me to Christendom College. I am indebted to all of my professors for the ‘pearl of great price’ they offered me. I am also thankful to all of the friends and benefactors of Christendom College for their sacrifices and generosity.”

Fr. Frank Fusare (Class of 1991)

“Attending Christendom College radically changed my life in a positive way. The ideals and habits we develop as young adults often define us for years to come. My Christendom experience has remained with me in my career on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and beyond, and is refreshed through the friendships I made during those years.”

Dave Hickin (Class of 1990)