Rankings & Endorsements

“Christendom College is doing a great work for the Church.”
-Pope St. John Paul II

“I am well aware of the distinguished record of Christendom College and of the outstanding contribution which it has made to Catholic life in the United States. For this reason, I am particularly honored to associate myself with such a fine Catholic institution of higher learning and my prayers are that Christendom College will enjoy many more years of service in the education and formation of young people.”

– Benedict XVI

“This is a wonderful, wonderful, college…  a decidedly Catholic college, and I am decidedly and unapologetically Catholic. It is this faith that has been the guiding beacon during some difficult and seemingly hopeless times, even when I had turned my heart against Him and turned my back on [faith]. I have no doubt that this faith will do the same for each of you if you let it, and perhaps even if you don’t. It is not a tether. Rather, it is a guide — the way, the truth, and the life.”

-Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas


“For four decades, Christendom College has prepared students with an education grounded in the Catholic faith and committed to academic excellence. Christendom occupies a special place today in higher education. I am deeply grateful for your efforts to train students in the timeless and challenging liberal arts, and I applaud your commitment to cultivate a rising generation willing to lead in America’s faith, industry, and public life. Thank you for your distinct and ongoing impact- inspiring great hope for restoration and renewal in our Nation.”

-Vice President Mike Pence

“Christendom College is one of those rare places where you get Catholic doctrine and theology and philosophy.”

-Mother Angelica


“There is a crisis in Catholic higher education today. Many Catholic colleges have abandoned the Faith and have become very secular. But there are a handful of schools that remain faithful to the Church and offer strong academic programs emphasizing Catholic philosophy and theology. One such college is Christendom College. It has the mission of working to restore all things in Christ. It achieves this by educating its students with a rigorous core curriculum, teaching everything with a Catholic worldview, and by immersing its students in a truly Catholic culture. I’ve been to the campus numerous times and have always been impressed with what I’ve seen. I heartily recommend Christendom College to anyone seeking an education guided by Faith and reason and I ask you to consider learning more about this great College which is worthy of both your financial and spiritual support.”
– Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR

“Christendom College is one of the best liberal arts colleges in America. Its commitment to providing its students with an integrated, rigorous core curriculum, combined with a vibrant Catholic atmosphere that permeates every aspect of the college experience, marks it as a distinctive and precious resource. I recommend Christendom College to anyone seeking an education that teaches students to think, to pray, and to serve, all under the guidance of Faith and reason. It is wholly worthy of your support.”
– George Weigel, Catholic author and theologian

“I think the work that Christendom College is doing is tremendous. It is training the leaders of the future. It is giving them a strong education in theology, and philosophy, and political science that is rarely available elsewhere….Christendom College is the best Catholic college in America. I sent all seven of my sons there and, to this day, they are all still Catholic.”
– Dr. Mary Kay Clark, Director, Seton Home Study School

“Christendom College provides an atmosphere where students can seek knowledge and purpose….provides, better than countless other universities in the United States, a genuine foundation, one based on objective truth.”

-Senator Rick Santorum


“It is a joy for me to be associated with whatever has to do with the good of Christendom College. This is good news in our time! It is refreshing to see a Catholic college where the parents can send their children and not get worried whether they will get serious Catholic education – without discount – just as it is.”

–Francis Cardinal Arinze, former Prefect for the Congregation of the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments

“[Christendom College is] one of the largest slices of Heaven on the planet…What you’re learning here is what the world is dying for.”

—Dr. Scott Hahn. Biblical Scholar

“Christendom College is succeeding and in so doing is changing Catholic education. And I believe it will continue to do so for a long time.”

–Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus

“Christendom College is more than an academic institution of the highest caliber. It is a Catholic academic institution — Catholic in its fullest and deepest meaning and purpose; it is authentically Catholic. Here, the students are formed in the totality of their beings: body, mind, will and soul. Yes, here is an Upper Room, your Upper Room where God the Holy Spirit desires to form you and to mold you into ardent disciples of Jesus Christ and articulate committed members of Christ’s Body the Church.”

– Bishop Paul S. Loverde, Former Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington, VA

“I have long admired Christendom College. For the past thirty-five years, the College has reflected, through good times and bad, just what a Catholic college should be. The name ‘Christendom College’ is spoken of with reverence in many different settings and by very many of the faithful throughout the country.”

–Bishop Edward J. Slattery, former Bishop of the Diocese of Tulsa, OK

“In the midst of the shifting sands of moral relativism taught in many academic institutions today, Christendom College remains firmly grounded on the Truth of Jesus Christ…I want to particularly commend you for the successful Catholic culture that is evident at Christendom. The faith infuses all aspects of the life of your college community. The mission of the college aims not only at intellectual formation but at the transformation of the whole person in Christ. This goal is notably summarized in one of your advertising slogans, ‘Breathe Catholic.’ If one truly ‘breathes Catholic air’ during their college years, they will transform culture and build a Culture of Life in this world.”

– Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila, Archdiocese of Denver, C

“I have long known of the great work of Christendom College in preparing young men and women to serve the Church and be leaven of Christ in the world.”

-Bishop Michael J. Sheridan – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO


“Christendom College is not just a superior academic institution. It forms young men and women into real Christian disciples, people of keen intellect, prudent judgment, deep Catholic culture and a zealous love of God and learning. So it was at the college’s founding in 1977. So it is today. No one can ask anything higher from higher education…The Church owes a hearty ‘thank you’ to everyone in the Christendom College community for their extraordinary witness of Christian humanism and unembarrassed, joyful dedication to living the Catholic faith.”

– Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA


“The work of a college such as this has a resonance throughout our country, and beyond. Our own Diocese has shared in the excellence of its academics through the religious who have received their graduate education there in recent years. Certainly, I want to join in the praise and congratulations, offering gratitude to God for the founders of Christendom College and its distinguished faculty who have remained faithful through the years to Christ and His Church.”

– Bishop Emeritus Fabian W. Bruskewitz, Diocese of Lincoln, NE


“Named for the One who is our All, Christendom has always sought to lead its students into the richness of authentic holiness and lives lived with joy and purpose.”

-Mother M. Assumpta Long, O.P., Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist


“I cannot think of any university from which I would be more pleased to receive an honorary doctorate than Christendom College. I’m very well acquainted with the writings of Dr. Warren Carroll…and I have also long admired the work of Dr. O’Donnell, and am a faithful reader of the newsletter of the College [Instaurare]. I have known a number of the alumni, and of course, I always think that the ultimate test of the excellence of a Catholic college is the quality of Faith in Christ and in His Church of the alumni, and Christendom certainly stands out in that regard.”

-Raymond Cardinal Burke, Former Prefect, Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.


“Christendom College outstanding reputation for academic excellence and adherence to sound Catholic theology and moral teaching.”

-Representative Chris Smith


“Christendom College is a sign of hope and encouragement at a time when, in a material sense, hope is not justified.”

-Alan Keyes


“Christendom College is a totally Catholic institution….excellent education in the liberal arts…faithful to the Church and the Holy Father.”

-Fr. John Hardon


“Christendom College unapologetically defends its calling as a Catholic college and seeks to imbue in its students a deep appreciation for the liberal arts.”

-William Donohue


“At Christendom College, they have a wonderful curriculum. The students do very well, the campus is very beautiful – I can’t say enough good things about Christendom College. I can assure you, that if you’re looking for a place that you won’t have to fear for the spiritual health and well-being of your children, that you will find that in Christendom College.”

Patrick Madrid 


“Christendom is an outstanding college with a strong academic program and a faithful Catholic identity.”

 -The Cardinal Newman Society


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