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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of need-based financial aid am I most likely to get?

Most new students are given a loan and need-based grant package to meet their need.

What are the terms of a loan from Christendom? We loan at 10 percent interest with a six-year repayment period which usually begins one year after you leave Christendom. However, there are deferments available for students who continue their schooling elsewhere, or go on to graduate school, enter the seminary or religious life, or are working for a Catholic apostolate. There is no accrued interest from the time the loan is taken out to the time of repayment, which begins one year (the grace year) after the student ceases enrollment at the College. Students who repay their loan during the grace year can, in effect, receive an interest-free loan on any portion of the principal paid by the student during the grace year.

Can I get Christendom loans or need-based grants without establishing financial need? No, all loans and need-based scholarships at Christendom are based on established need as determined by our processing of a completed Financial Aid Application. However, most of the College’s Academic scholarships, are merit-based not need-based.

Do outside loans affect my need or merit-based financial assistance at the College? No. The Financial Aid Office has a list of outside loan providers for students and their parents. These loans are independent of the College and will not affect financial assistance at the College.

Can I get merit and need based financial assistance from the College?

Yes. Merit-based scholarships from the College are used to meet your calculated need. If you have more calculated need than your merit scholarship, you will qualify for additional assistance through the College loan and need-based grant program.

“Can outside scholarships and/or merit scholarships from Christendom, off-campus and/or off-meal plan status affect the financial assistance I receive from Christendom?” Outside scholarships will not affect your student budget and/or need analysis. In other words, you are not penalized for earning outside scholarships. In fact, we strongly encourage families to seek outside scholarships and are happy to honor them here at the college. Please note, however, that Christendom scholarships, family plan discounts and other tuition discounts, off-meal plan status, and off-campus status, may result in the reduction of the need and merit-based aid funded by the College.. Student aid awards will be revised if any of the above events occur after the College has made a merit or need-based award and such event changes your need or merit calculation. Based on the revised calculations, Christendom will adjust the financial assistance awarded to you.

“What if my parent loses his job after I submit a financial aid application and get a financial aid award from the College?” The College will take this circumstance into account and may revise its financial assistance aid award based on third party documented information about your parent’s unemployment. Other major or unusual events that negatively affect your parent’s financial circumstance may also be taken into account but documented information must be submitted to the College. Please discuss unusual circumstances with the Financial Aid Office. [tabby title=”What kind of student jobs does Christendom offer?”] 

“Is a timely application important?” Yes, especially for students entering in the fall semester. New and returning students should apply for aid as soon as possible in the spring to get the best package. Students who apply after April 1 may not get the most desirable aid packages.

“When can I expect an answer after I have placed a Financial Aid Application?” Once your completed financial aid application has been submitted through CSS Profile, the information will be available to the Financial Aid Office. It may take the college up to two weeks to process your award.

“Must my parents complete their portion of the application if I am financially independent?” No, But you must first establish independent status with the College. You and your parents must complete affidavits testifying to your independence, and you must meet certain criteria set by the College. For further information on establishing financial independence, contact the Financial Aid Office.

The Financial Aid Officer will be happy to assist you with any further questions you may have about financial aid.

Sarah Scarchilli, Financial Aid Officer, Christendom College, 134 Christendom Drive, Front Royal, VA 22630 540.551.9126 sarah.scarchilli@christendom.edu.