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“We are so glad and feel blessed that all our children have attended Christendom.  Besides the great education our children received, additionally important are the wonderful friends they have made, friends that they have today. The 3 children that are married, met their great spouses at Christendom. Receiving a liberal arts education has many advantages. Most other college graduates receive only a limited technical degree, like thousands and thousands of others. The liberal arts degree allow many varied career avenues to open up, as well as a stepping stone for advanced degrees. More importantly, besides our children receiving an excellent education, they received an education that will help them spiritually, help them be better, holy men and women, be able to defend and share their faith no matter what career they are involved with, and become parents who are able to raise children who are knowledgeable in their Catholic faith. Without any doubt I would recommend to other parents to do what ever they can, to make the financial sacrifices needed to have their children able to attend Christendom.”

Mr. & Mrs. Akers

Sent all 6 of their children to Christendom

“We are immigrant parents with strong Catholic roots in our origin communities. This is the first experience we have about sending our 2 daughters to College. We were looking for a solid Catholic education along with an environment where they can continue to grow in Faith and Love for our Lord. We have been impressed not only by the testimonies of the alumni (fruits of Christendom College) but the level of personalized attention of the faculty and staff. They know our family by name and are willing to support our needs, this is truly the ‘Faith in Action’ that we were looking for. We have noticed at the first week of the program, that requires discipline and continuous support, growing not only in Academics but in the Moral and Spiritual aspect. We are very happy about them and hope that they can continue their development in environments like this.”

Mr. & Mrs. Carlo

Parents of Alejandra and Patricia Carlo '24, Garland, TX

“Christendom College is very unique in the sphere of higher education. Where most institutions are focused on selling how their colleges and universities can benefit and give their students the tools to succeed in THIS life, Christendom College equips its students toward our ultimate goal – eternal life. And that’s not to say it is not also simultaneously preparing them for this life, as well – Christendom does a phenomenal job in both areas!  We have witnessed our children blossom in their faith before our eyes – not just in their knowledge of the faith, but actually putting their faith into action. There is nothing more joyful than to see this beautiful growth in our children as they begin to live their adult lives.”

Mr. & Mrs. Cook

Parents of Maria '22, Theresa '20, Anna '19, John Paul '18, and Tim '17, Manassas, VA

“We weren’t sure how to answer the question “What has a Christendom educational experience meant to our family?” in one paragraph until now.  We thought there are just too many things for one paragraph.  But…. when we heard of the passing of Dr. Brendan McGuire, we realized there was one very important benefit we could highlight, and I wept. First, I wept for his family and then I wept for my three sons and for the countless students and alumni that his life has impacted.  You see, having two alumni sons and one currently attending, we have seen firsthand what professors like Dr. McGuire and his colleagues have meant to the students both past and present.  This is such a beautiful blessing about sending your children to a place like Christendom. The professors are so much more than just professors, they are friends and mentors.  They pour their lives into our children and fill their hearts with good and develop critical minds to discern truth. But, beyond that they are there for them to help navigate the ups and downs of college life when we as parents cannot be.  We will be forever grateful our children chose Christendom, and we are so impressed and proud by the knowledge and character they have gained.  Thank you, Christendom.”

Mr. & Mrs. Duca

Parents of Daniel '22, Michael '19, and Joseph '14, Marshall, VA

“As our family prepared to send our daughter to the East Coast for college, I prayed that this would be the right fit and that we had followed His will in our decision to send her to Christendom. As I dropped her off her freshman year, I had no doubt in my mind that this was her college home. From the moment we pulled up and were greeted with helping hands to the moment I waved goodbye as she walked into the Chapel for Mass, I had complete peace. The fruits of her attendance have blessed our family more than I could have ever imagined. I feel at peace with where she is, who she is taught by, and who her peers are. Christendom truly has been a light to our family.”

Mr. & Mrs. Eschbach

Parents of Nate '25 and Julia '22, Dallas, TX

“My wife, Laura (Smith), attended Christendom College back in 1982, and I started there in 1983. I did not want to go to Christendom College. Instead, I wanted to attend the University of Maryland. If my parents didn’t threaten to not pay for my college unless I went to Christendom, I never would have met my wife nor learned my faith better than I thought I did–which I didn’t really know as well as I thought I did. We have had the experience to have three of our six children attend Christendom. What a blessing this education is. The way it is viewed and taught from the Catholic perspective is so unique and it is heartwarming to see your children learning and living this perspective throughout their lives as adults. It not only extends the education in the classroom but to the lifelong friends they make for the rest of their lives there at Christendom.

We wholeheartedly love Christendom College – every Catholic parent should at least look a Christendom College for their children to attend.”

Mr. & Mrs. Gossin

Parents of Erik '22, Nick '15, and Celia '12 , Nokesville, VA

“I’m writing this in the fall of 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. Friends tell me their children are “attending” college online this fall. Many have been informed they will be online in the spring. The parents seem a little embarrassed: tuition is high, after all, and YouTube is free.

Meanwhile my own daughter sent a note with photos yesterday to tell me about the art she’s seeing in Rome. She told me excitedly about a discussion she had over a meal with her professor. Americans aren’t even allowed in Italy now, but somehow Christendom not only proceeded with classes on campus, but negotiated the nearly impossible to make their Rome program happen. I am impressed beyond words by the dedication of the faculty and staff to their educational mission. I am deeply grateful that she found Christendom and landed here. It’s good for her mind and her soul.”

Mr. & Mrs. Hardt

Parents of Elizabeth '22, Canaan, NH

“A strong focus on faith and education has always been an integral part of our family life. When it came time to send our oldest child off to college, it was very important to us that she be at an institution that would continue to nurture her in her Catholic faith, while offering her an excellent academic program at the same time. My husband and I both have liberal arts degrees and felt a similar program would be the right choice for our daughter as well. She wanted to focus on a more general core curriculum for her undergraduate degree, and she loved that she could get a liberal arts degree while still being able to choose an area of concentration at Christendom. She has been at the school for only two months now and has already told us multiple times that these have been the best months of her life. What more could you want to hear from your 18-year old who is away from home for the first time? She has made many new friends, loves the sense of faith and family she finds on campus, and is also very much enjoying the classes she is taking. I feel so very blessed and relieved to know that our daughter is in the best possible college environment we could offer her and I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Christendom College. There are very few colleges that will say ‘no’ to federal funding because they are truly committed to teach the Truth to young people in this day and age. If you want your child to be immersed in faith, Truth, traditional Catholic values and strong academic programs, this is absolutely the best choice you could make for your child. We totally found what we were looking for at Christendom College and I cannot recommend it enough.”

Mr. & Mrs. Harrison

Parents of Keola '26 and Kiele '24, Hon, HI

“Christendom has meant everything to our family! Back in 2002, our oldest son, Chris, started college at Christendom. He had attended the summer program and loved it! Since then, all 7 of our children (5 boys and 2 girls) have left our home state of Florida and enrolled in Christendom. And…. they all did so voluntarily! Four have since married, after having met their future spouses at Christendom. We have been pleased with their successes in life and in business. Two have become attorneys, one works in the technology field, one son is a music director and our oldest daughter taught for two years before becoming a mother to two beautiful girls. Our youngest son is in graduate school in Rome, and our youngest daughter will graduate from Christendom next May. The formation and education at Christendom more than prepared them for all their successes in life. Additionally, my husband and I have had the opportunity to travel with Dr. O’Donnell and Cathy on some pilgrimages. Not only have they been enjoyable experiences, but we feel we have been educated by Christendom a little ourselves! All I can say is “thank you” to all the wonderful professors and staff that helped us all become better Catholics!”

Mr. & Mrs. Lancaster

Parents of Caroline '21, AJ '19, Mary '16, Richard '12, Matt '10, Bobby '08, Chris '06, Seminole, FL

“Our family has been greatly blessed to have all our children receive their undergraduate education at Christendom College. Their Liberal Arts curriculum with its Catholic foundation has prepared them to succeed wherever God leads them. While the youngest continues his undergraduate studies, the oldest two are pursuing graduate degrees at Clemson University and one son is attending Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. With our current culture, I am thankful that the values we instilled in our children were fostered at Christendom and have been carried into their adult lives. Christendom College isn’t just a college, it is a family and we are so thankful to be a part of it.”

Mr. & Mrs. LaRochelle

Parents of Mark '22. Michael '19, Nicole '17, and Sean '14, American Canyon, CA

“How grateful we are to have our daughter Mary attending Christendom College!  Christendom is providing Mary with all we hoped she would receive in her college experience: strong and rigorous academics, an intimate and joyful Catholic campus culture, and the ability to form friendships with wonderful young men and women of character.  Mary is thriving at the college in every way, and it is a joy to listen to her describe the stimulating coursework, caring professors, and the kind and caring students.  We are seeing firsthand that Christendom College is succeeding in a mission of fully forming students and preparing them to make a positive mark in our world!”

Mr. & Mrs. Lueck

Parents of Mary '23, Thousand Oaks, CA

“Many parents ask themselves, ‘Why did my children lose their faith during their college years? What could I have done differently?’ Sending them to Christendom gives them the best chance of holding on to and growing in the Catholic faith – in addition to getting a solid liberal arts education which is valuable in any field of endeavor. The educational experience impacted my children’s lives profoundly. They grew in their faith, in the knowledge of history, and the truth. The rules at Christendom protected them from harmful influences. The friends they made have lasted their lifetime. It’s the best decision we made in raising our children.”

Mr. & Mrs. McFadden

Sent all 6 of their children to Christendom

“As the parents of five students who have attended and are attending Christendom College (with two more in the pipeline), we are thankful for all that Christendom is and has provided our children. The dedicated, faithful professors have had a lasting impact on each of our children and have enkindled in them a deeper understanding of the beauty of truth and a more profound love of the Catholic faith. Two of them, on separate occasions, said about one of their professors, “He just makes me want to be a better person”. Two of our children have met their wonderful spouses through their Christendom experience. While its evident that each of our children has grown intellectually during their time at Christendom, their faith has been supported and edified through daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, frequent confession, and First Friday devotions. Friendships with holy, like-minded classmates and their families have enriched their lives and our family life exponentially.

We would not consider sending our children to any other college. May God bless the founders, faculty, clergy, and staff at Christendom College.”

Mr. & Mrs. McLaughlin

Parents of Catherine '24, Christine '23, Theresa '21, Joseph '20, and Mary '19, Catlett, VA

“To begin, Christendom offers its students challenging liberal arts coursework while centered on Catholicism. A rare gem in today’s world, where students on many campuses are force-fed toxic rhetoric at their parents’ expense. Sadly, such students emerge more confused and lost in their faith. Christendom students are freed from the binding evils present in so many college campuses and learn to thrive in the beauty of God’s world.  They freely express and immerse themselves in their courses, religion, and pursuit of God’s plan for them as they mature and explore the world. Armed with knowledge, they tackle many issues central to the societal sufferings of today. “

Mr. & Mrs. Mense

Parents of Claire '23, Lakeland, FL

“Our children grew up without Catholic education. They only learned their faith from their parents, which was sometimes contrary to what they were hearing from the pulpit. We knew their faith was weak and we had begged Our Blessed Mother to show us how to help them. She helped us to hear about Christendom. While there, they received a solid grounding in the Truths of their faith as well the required classes in Metaphysics and Apologetics, so they learned the understanding behind those Truths and the ability to defend them. They lived in an environment where their Faith was put into practice. They found that they could have a ‘normal’ happy, enjoyable college experience, while still remaining pure, chaste, and spiritual – something most of them did not believe could happen before they were ‘forced’ to go to that ‘awful place filled with religious fanatics.’ Before attending Christendom, I believe that at least two or three of our children would have drifted away from the faith. I believe this about our youngest daughter, Malia, who is now a contemplative, Dominican nun. Our children had to not only learn their Faith, they had to experience it in order to make it their own, and not the faith of their parents. The result has been the most graced decision we’ve ever made. For prospective parents worried about the market utility of Liberal Arts degrees, please know that our 9 Christendom grads (4 added by marriage) are successfully raising our 31 grandchildren with rewarding employment and nary a meal being missed. Christendom College will greatly reward you and your children who enroll. Our Lord and His Mother will approve.”

Mr. & Mrs. Murphy

Sent all 5 of their children to Christendom

“We chose Christendom because we wanted our children to be educated in the true Catholic faith, and it had been recommended to us by a priest friend and chaplain at Christendom – Fr. Vincent Miceli. Our children left Christendom as strong Catholics with a well-rounded and practical education. For other parents who are considering Christendom, we would say that your children will graduate strong in their faith and become good citizens who will raise good strong families. And they, in turn, will raise good strong families. That’s how we will turn this country around! The Christendom education has definitely impacted our children’s lives because, now, their spiritual values are their priorities and they have a greater knowledge and conviction of their Catholic Faith and also a better appreciation and understanding of true history and undistorted politics. Since they have left campus, our children have continued their friendships with their fellow students because they had become like a family, all with the same goals, aspirations, and beliefs.”

Mr. & Mrs. Quest

Sent 5 of their children to Christendom

“My wife, Beth, and I have given our college-age children a very short list of colleges we would gladly pay for. Ali, Gabe, Maggie and George have so far chosen Christendom College from that list. For that we are very grateful to each of those four “kids”, three of whom have graduated, and to Christendom. As much as the curriculum, professors and administration of the College filled our kids with a thirst for the Truth and a love of our Faith, the influence of the student body on their intellectual, spiritual and emotional development was as influential for their development into the wonderful wives, husband, mothers, father and citizens they are. We are seeing current student George develop in the same way his graduate siblings did. He is absolutely in love with this school, as he approaches graduation in 2022. There is no college I would recommend more highly than Christendom for those seeking a challenging college which is so organically geared toward developing strong minds, characters, and souls. As an integral bonus, the deep friendships which result from immersion in such an atmosphere endure a lifetime.”

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Schuberg

Parents of George '22, Maggie '14, Gabe '12, and Ali '09, , Ventura, CA

“We very much supported our daughter’s choice to attend Christendom College.  During our campus visit and shortly thereafter, we came to believe that her decision was divinely guided.  Christendom College is the perfect place for her!  We have never visited a more Christ-centered, intellectually robust atmosphere.  Our brief meeting with several faculty revealed that all of her subjects are both integrated and examined in the light of the Catholic Faith.  Every time we visit with her on Facetime, we cannot help but notice her beaming smile.”

Dr. & Mrs. Stein

Parents of Anna '24, Fairview Park, OH

“We were looking for a Catholic college that was compatible with our home-schooling program and would help prepare our children for their vocation, so Christendom was a perfect fit. The most beneficial thing about a Christendom education is that our children can receive an academic and spiritual formation that is Catholic – it is the ‘pearl of great price’ that we as parents want to buy for our children. If you are going to put your money into higher education for your children, go for a good, solid investment like Christendom.  At Christendom, your child will not have to compromise his faith, rather, he will be encouraged by the vibrant Catholic environment. Our children are now part of the solution to the cultural crisis that we see all around us as they build up a Catholic culture in America.”

Mr. & Mrs. Whittaker

Sent all 12 of their children to Christendom

“The Wright family from Memphis found its way to Christendom College in Front Royal via an ad in a magazine which presented a solidly Catholic institution for higher learning. That description included the professors, curriculum, spirituality, and culture. We were seeking just such an education and environment for our family. Providentially, our campus visit with our two oldest daughters happened to be on the same weekend as “Coffee House”, which was basically a night where students could share a talent with the student body. There was such wholesome fun, laughter and uproarious applause for all “acts”, we were then not only convinced of Christendom’s solid academics and Catholic identity, but of the great value placed on building camaraderie amongst the students and the importance of just plain good fun! It was heartwarming! That was twenty three years ago, and since then we have made the thirteen hour journey from Memphis many times, to drop off all eight of our children; always returning home with a sense of peace and assurance that they were in good hands. Christendom has been a place for them to grow in the knowledge of their Catholic faith through the rigorous academics, and also in their personal faith through the innumerable opportunities provided  for spiritual growth, such as  daily Mass, confession, speakers, and ministries in which to get involved. Christendom has had a great impact on our family which includes the spouses our children have chosen, vocations realized, and ever deepening personal journeys into their Faith. We are grateful!”

Mr. & Mrs. Wright

Parents of James '16, Mary Katherine '11, Sr. Mary Lawrence '08, Daniel '05, Anna '00, Amy '01, and Christy '02, Memphis, TN

“Christendom builds on what many parents teach their children about faith and morals.  I have never experienced an organization that is so dedicated to the success of each of their students.  The administration always seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to tackling issues that impact the potential success of their students.  I believe all parents are concerned about finances when they are considering where to send their children for college.  Christendom’s unique Price Match Program makes the cost to attend affordable.  If you are seeking a college that provides a quality education at an affordable price and fosters the growth of your child’s faith, then Christendom College should be on the top of your list of colleges that are under consideration.”

Mr. & Mrs. Yee

Parents of TJ '24, Tucson, AZ