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Quotes from students who attended the 2019 Experience Christendom Summer Programs

Never before have I been so fully and joyfully immersed into such an authentic Catholic culture as Christendom is able to provide. Throughout the week, I discovered how body, mind, and soul can work in harmony to lift the soul up to God and to bring one into deeper communion with one’s neighbor. The classes, the beautiful liturgy, the dances, the exploration of the Shenandoah River, and all the other events created a week that is certainly one of the fullest and well-balanced of my entire life. It has truly changed my life. – Nicholas W., Texas

 ECSP was an incredible experience. To be honest, I was a little worried beforehand about making friends and wasn’t sure whether I’d fit in. However, I felt really welcomed as soon as I arrived on campus, and by the end of the first 24 hours I had already connected with some great people. It was awesome to be with so many Catholic high school students of my own age. And all the counselors were amazing. They were super dedicated to making this week the best it could possibly be for everyone. They were a lot of fun to be around, and since they are current students it was very easy to talk to them about what it is like to actually attend Christendom. The week was packed with tons of fun recreational activities, but was spiritually enriching at the same time. I loved being a part of such a vibrant Catholic community. I made many fantastic memories at ECSP and I’m so grateful I was able to attend. This was hands-down the most unforgettable week of my life. – Elizabeth C., Virginia

When I first heard about it, I honestly thought the “Best Week Ever” was just an advertisement, but I truly did have the best week of my life and I have made memories I will treasure forever. Not only did I learn so much during my short time at Christendom this summer, but I’ve met the most amazing people and made friends I am still keeping up with. In learning so much about Christendom College and meeting such dedicated Catholics, I grew much closer to Christ and left the program with a desire to continue growing my relationship with God. – Rachel P., North Carolina

Contemplating on the past week and coming back to my life at home, I have come to what I would like to call a revelation. During my week at Christendom College, I was taught more than just what Christendom is. Within 5 days, I was taught how to sing, dance, pray, talk to strangers, make friends, and respect women the way men are meant to. In those 5 days I made real Catholic friends who helped build my faith simply by being around me and showing me that being Catholic is something we should take pride in, not fear. The counselors were incredible, showing me not only the serious side of Christendom, but also making it as fun and enjoyable as they could. Each member of the staff and each counselor showed true passion for what they did, and the teachers gave us the same respect and attention they would give to their regular students. The ESCP was truly the greatest week in my life in ways I may never truly understand. I would like to thank you and your team for giving me a glimpse into what a Catholic society looks like, and giving me a new respect for my faith. To conclude, Christendom has stolen the top spot on my enrollment list, and I can’t wait to visit the campus again. – Samuel K., Pennsylvania

Coming into the Experience Christendom Summer Program, I was extremely skeptical. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, and I thought I was going to spend the whole week wishing that I was at home. I could not have been more wrong. The main thing about ECSP was how much it helped me to strengthen my trust in God’s plan for me. This program helped me to revitalize my faith life, as well as bring me closer to Jesus by allowing me to spend time with people that I could so clearly see Christ in. At Christendom, I felt like I truly belonged with the people I was with; it was like I discovered a new home. All of the professors, counselors, and students at the session seemed to be one big family, and I am exceedingly grateful that I was able to be a part of that family for the week. ECSP also helped me to make new friendships with so many incredible people. It has been a week since everyone has said their goodbyes, and all of us still talk to each other multiple times a day! Also, by spending the week with all of these immensely faithful and inspiring people, I have discovered how much attending a religious college means to me. Because of my time at Christendom, I have made the decision to apply only to Catholic colleges, including Christendom. I’ve realized only after participating in the program how much living in a strong, Catholic community means to me, and that I want my college experience to be just as faith-centric as ECSP. – Meghan O., Virginia.

I had so much fun, met many wonderful people, and learned a lot about Christendom College in the course of the week. Before ECSP, I was not very interested in attending Christendom, despite my parents’urging to consider it more seriously. During my time at ECSP, however, I was very impressed by what Christendom College has to offer. The counselors in particular made a real impression on me–they were strong Catholics, responsible, friendly, and well-balanced people, and they knew how to have fun (even during their fifth week of ECSP)! Now Christendom is up on the very top of my college list! Thank you so much for such a wonderful week! – Madelyn F., Connecticut

The Summer Program was such an incredible experience; I thought that billing it as “The Best Week Ever” was a bit of an overstatement, but I am happy to say that I was proven wrong. The classes were interesting and engaging, and the professors obviously had an infectious love for their subjects. The activities were so much fun, and the amount of different events that were packed into a single day made for both an exhausting (in a good way) and exhilarating week. The counselors were genuinely inspiring, and both they and the robust spiritual life I participated in on campus pushed me to become a better man; it was undoubtedly the healthiest peer pressure I have ever experienced. The memories of those seven days will stay with me for the rest of my life, and if life at Christendom College is even a fraction of how life was during the Summer Program, you can expect me in Front Royal in the Fall of 2020. – Aidan M., New Hampshire

One of my most important experiences was being able to see the integration of the Catholic Faith into education to a degree which I thought could never exist. I believe that knowledge and learning have meaning only inasmuch as God is allowed in, and spending the week surrounded by professors and friends who think the same way surpassed my greatest expectation and desire of what a college ought to be. I love education because through it I was started on the path to devotion, and I see it as a means to deeper devotion. I can imagine no place more conducive to the growth of love for God than Christendom, and having a taste of that environment has been one of my greatest blessings. Even if I am never able to return, the knowledge of what Christendom is doing for Catholicism will continue to be a constant source of hope for me. It is amazing what can happen in just a week. During the program I formed friendships with the potential to last a lifetime. But the greatest treasure I will have gained from the program is that, while immersed in Christendom’s culture and having a keen awareness of her mission, God was able to work within me. Through his grace, the program led me to renew my spiritual life with more vigilance than ever before. Having experienced Christendom, I feel like I now have a picture of what the Social Kingship of Christ looks like, and an idea of how we can cooperate to establish it throughout the entire world. I love Christendom, and it felt like home from the first moment. – Michael S., Tennessee

The Experience Christendom Summer Program opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know existed anymore. I witnessed chivalry, decency, and common-sense moral behavior from every single student there. It was such a sharp contrast to the programs I have attended in the past in that we all shared a common view of how people should act. We may have differed in small aspects of our beliefs, but we all shared an authentic faith and the desire to live it out in all aspects of our lives. In addition to all that, I learned from incredibly engaging and astute teachers who really stimulated thought and made me love their classes. The counselors were amazing, and they did a stellar job of running the program. I can certainly see myself attending Christendom in the future if it is the Lord’s plan, and I can say with confidence that this was, without a doubt, The Best Week Ever! -Adam R. Maryland

I have never experienced a week like the ECSP. I absolutely loved everything about it and wish that it had been longer than one week. The classes and professors were amazing. Each professor was so enthusiastic and passionate about what he was teaching which made the classes even more intriguing. The counselors were all so friendly and fun. Every activity was so much fun – from dancing to hiking and swimming. I met so many incredible people and made what I hope will be lifelong friendships. Most importantly, everything at Christendom was directed towards “restoring all things in Christ.” Christendom proves that one can be Catholic and still have as much fun, and even more fun, than secular College students. Before attending this summer program, I was hesitant about attending Christendom. But after this week, I realized that Christendom was my top choice. The ESCP truly was one of the best weeks of my life. -Maghee F., Colorado

I cannot remember feeling so connected, happy, free and at peace since childhood.  It was refreshing to enjoy conversation, prayer and fun activities with intelligent, kind, like minded peers who were not afraid to celebrate their faith and beliefs. Christendom College represents what college should be.  It is a refuge in this troubled world which allows us teens to continue to grow in our faith and embrace our beliefs without the secular pressures of today.  The small, peaceful Shenandoah setting is the perfect backdrop.  The camp experience reinvigorated in me a feeling of connectedness and a rekindling of my faith.  The counselors were fantastic models of the happiness and success which can be achieved, personally and professionally, when all things are rooted in Christ.  It felt like a breath of fresh air …the goodness of God’s love reflected through each of them. Christendom College is my first choice and I am hopeful to enter the freshman class next fall. – Chris E., Texas

Before I came to Christendom’s summer program, I was convinced this college was not for me.  I had a whole list of reasons to never even consider this small, non-specific major school in the middle of nowhere where only “Amish Catholics” went.   After I attended ECSP, something amazing happened; something I never even expected.  I felt at home there.  This was the first school I had been to where I felt I belonged.  I instantly fell in love with the people, the campus, the Catholic life, the academics, and all this beautiful place has to offer.  The young men and women I met had grown up similarly, and they were absolutely amazing.  Judging by how close we all grew together in a week, I cannot imagine what four years can do.  The counselors were perfect examples and role models of true and joyful Catholics on fire for their Faith.  The Catholic atmosphere is far from what I expected.   It is dynamic and radical and I love everything about it.  The classes were engaging, and the professors challenge you to think deeply on matters of Faith, morals, and intellectual knowledge. The dances, games, and activities allow everyone to come together and have an amazingly fun time while simultaneously honoring God in dress and conduct.  The counselors and staff were truly genuine, something I never saw in other Catholic schools.  I deeply appreciate and admire the honesty that is pushed at Christendom.  Even at the summer program, it was clear I was not a number in a crowd or just another way for the school to get money.  I have never been to a school where they tell students, “Not everyone is suited for this school, and that’s OK…” It was very refreshing to hear that. Also, the way Mr. McFadden was not afraid to tell us the truth of how far evil has spread in the world and his call to join the battle against the devil was invigorating.  Many Catholics these days are afraid to admit the truth, afraid to speak up against evil.  I want to be part of that battle. Because of that one week of ECSP, I know that at Christendom I will receive a good Catholic education, I will create lifelong friends who share the Faith, I will not lose my Christianity, and I will be equipped to take on the world. – Samia C., Pennsylvania

Prior to attending the ECSP, I did not seriously consider Christendom because of the small size and I really didn’t think it was practical for me. Some may call it ‘not normal’ and I was afraid of that. This program showed to me the beautiful, authentically Catholic community that Christendom has to offer that you will not find anywhere else. Almost everyone there, student and faculty alike, try to live a Christ-centered life and are REAL Catholics who uphold Church teaching. My eyes were also opened to all of the opportunities that Christendom has to offer every student that I wasn’t aware of before. I was also astounded with how involved and caring the professors and faculty were to each student and I could tell that it is something greatly valued at the school. Although unsure about Christendom while I was coming to the camp, I left knowing where I was going to spend my four years of college; not only did I know but I couldn’t see myself anywhere else, not at a ‘normal’ school. That week was certainly the best week ever! – Megan O., NY

From the first day of the program both the counselors and the campers welcomed me and immediately made me feel right at home on campus. The summer program’s schedule for each day of the week truly presents fun times for the campers to grow in friendship with one another and provides memories that I will hold onto for the rest of my life. The allowed for us campers to form life-long friendships that will grow and deepen in the coming years. Having the mass and eucharistic adoration every day also allowed my relationship with God to grow and deepen. All the fun times and experiences I had at the summer program truly made the campus feel like home and my fellow campers feel like family. So much so that when Saturday rolled around I didn’t want to leave. This week was truly the best week of my life! – Peter W., Florida

I was able to increase my faith, make numerous friends, and be more open to attending Christendom in the future. When I was first introduced to ECSP by one of my school’s college counselors, I was very skeptical and apprehensive. In fact, the only reason why I decided to attend was because three of my classmates were also going. In short, my expectations for this week long program were not very high and I was determined to remain unconvinced at the possibility of attending Christendom College. Fast forward a week after the program—Oh how I was proved so very wrong! ECSP is an ideal opportunity for high school students to grow in their faith, meet friendly and like-minded people, and catch a glimpse of the academic excellence and authentic Catholic culture Christendom College has to offer. Rather than being overwhelmed by the full schedule, I looked forward to every dance, rosary and hike! Rather than being annoyed with the strictness of camp counselors, I developed friendships with all of them! Initially unimpressed by the college’s academics, I was pleasantly surprised to experience, firsthand, the college’s commitment to academic excellence. Not only were the professors knowledgeable, interesting, and engaging, but their desire and dedication to foster in their students, a love for wisdom and learning was almost tangible. Overall, ECSP provided me with knowledge, friendships, and memories that I will never forget, and for that I am truly grateful. – Maria F, Michigan

I did not hear about this event until my high school’s academic dean announced about the scholarships available, and I only went because she said it would look good on one’s college application. So, I went into my session unsure of how I felt and definitely not planning to attend Christendom. Then came the week. By the end of it, I had been blown out of the water with joy after participating in captivating classes, three exhilarating dances, swimming in the Shenandoah, praying the rosary overlooking a mountain range, and, most of all, meeting outstanding fellow Catholics. (Christendom’s staff and counselors made me feel right at home, and showed me what it is to be true Catholics.) Christendom became my top choice for college, and gave me true peace about college life and the decision-making process. Again, thank you for allowing me to have what was, without a doubt, the best week of my life! – Sam S., Pennsylvania

Before I attended the Program, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had visited Christendom several times before, but I knew that to be a part of the action was a completely different ballgame from seeing it happen.  When I attended the program, I was amazed by it all and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  From the fantastic professors to the swing dancing into the night, it was a privilege to participate in every activity.  As a result, I have become a better man and a better Catholic.  Having Christ as the focal point of the entire week through daily Mass and Adoration has inspired me to greater heights of Sanctity.  This was my greatest and most important takeaway from my week at Christendom.  I will cherish the memories from ECSP forever. – Rodolfo L., Maryland

I truly had the best week ever! During my time at Christendom, I met some of the best people I will ever know and I was able to experience amazing classes which really helped me to think at a new level. I also grew in closeness to God, and grew to appreciate the importance of being surrounded by like minded people. I felt very at home and happy during my session, I was only sad when it was over! The program allowed me to take a new interest in Christendom College, and it is now my top choice school. – Susanna H., Massachusetts 

I packed my bags and left for the Christendom Summer Program Sunday morning expecting to have a good week. What I didn’t expect was that this week would actually turn out to be the best week ever. When I arrived that Sunday afternoon, I found myself greeting 54 complete strangers. After just a week, I found myself saying goodbye to 54 of the greatest friends I ever had. The Christendom Summer Program was truly the best week of my life, thanks to the generous donations you have made. Throughout the week, I not only grew closer with my fellow campers, but I also grew closer to Christ through daily Mass and adoration. I spent the 17 years of my life leading up to the Christendom Summer Program trying to find out who I am, but after just a week at the Christendom Summer Program, I found myself. Now, thanks to you, my college searching is done. I’ve found a home at Christendom like never before. – Ethan C., Virginia 

In complete honesty, I only attended this program to humor my mom, but by the end of the week, I couldn’t believe I didn’t want to go! The classes were thought-provoking, the counselors were genuine and caring, and all the activities were actually super fun (I’m not an outdoors person at all, but going to the river was one of my favorite parts of the week). It was amazing meeting new people and forming such authentic friendships with them (and learning about their hometowns — I can definitely say I learned something new about the US every day, ha!), and I feel immensely blessed to have spent one of the best weeks ever and bonded so closely with some of the best people ever. Since the end of our ECSP session, we’ve kept in contact every single day — and we’re already planning multiple reunions! I can honestly say this week changed my outlook not just on Christendom and a liberal arts education, but life itself. I’ve had a continuous battle with mental health for eight or so years, and it’s hard for me to feel “safe” anywhere I go. The amount of kindness and respect I was shown by my peers, the counselors, and the teachers & staff opened my eyes to how I want and deserve to be treated — something that was never a priority in making a college decision, but it is now. I felt such a genuine amount of love at ECSP that I actually felt safe enough to perform during open mic night, despite having minimal confidence in my solo singing abilities. I’m a theatre kid, but I’ve always felt comfortable and (thought I was) content in my happy, go-lucky ensemble role — both on stage and in life. This week taught me the value of going out of one’s comfort zone, and it’s not a bad thing to want to be the main character of your own story. From encountering God every day in the Holy Mass and adoration & from being surrounded by such a wonderful community, I’ve learned so much about myself and what I want in a college. – Samantha W., Virginia

On my first day of philosophy class at the Experience Christendom Summer Program, Dr. Wunch defined wonder as “a desire for knowledge” which ultimately leads man to wisdom when used properly. This definition required a distinction between knowledge – to know things -and wisdom – to understand the “why” behind things. At the ECSP we didn’t simply learn things, we discussed the “why” behind them. Whether it be canoeing or discussing the origins of Islam, each moment of our week was centered around a discovery of the truth in such a way that we all left with a greater appreciation for and deeper understanding of the truths we believe. From engaging in the friendly intellectual combat of our debate, to laughing while attempting to untangle ourselves when learning the pretzel during swing dancing lessons, to spending time in the fellowship of silent prayer, the ECSP cultivated an environment of joyful learning and discovery in a Christ-centered community. I am so grateful for the week I spent at Christendom. It was incredible to see how a group of fifty five teenagers went from being strangers on Sunday evening to good friends on Friday evening. There is something about laughing, learning, praying, worshipping, and eating together that forms a unique bond between people. It is also amazing to reflect on the personal growth achieved in just six days. It’s safe to say that each camper left on Saturday with both lifelong memories and a deeper understanding of some aspect of themselves, the world, their faith, and God. I had high expectations coming in (having heard stellar reviews from close friends), but the program well exceeded what I had imagined. – Frances N., Virginia

The classes, daily Mass, the dances, the hike, dodge ball, Adoration, and praying the Rosary in community… all of it helped paint a picture of what college life could be. It really allowed me to envision that college can be a strong Christian community where we grow in our faith together and receive a great education at the same time. It was truly amazing to see all of the staff and professors actually caring about the students. – Malachi C., Georgia

I went with high expectations – everyone I’d talked to who had gone in previous years loved the camp- but the week still exceeded my expectations. I realized that there really can be such a thing as a Catholic culture, and how amazing it is to be surrounded by other young people striving for holiness. The teachers and counselors were so kind and inviting, and I was really blown away by the joyous atmosphere of a Christ-centered community, even though it was just a week long. – Grace M., New Jersey

I had an amazing week.  It really was “The best week ever!”  The classes were extremely enlightening and enjoyable.  All the activities were fantastic.  I especially loved the dances. They were probably my favorite part of the whole experience.  I am hoping to attend Christendom after graduation in order to grow stronger in my faith and closer to Christ.  – Rebecca A., New York

The week I spent at Christendom College was amazing! Seeing the beautiful mountains, meeting with the amazing professors and counsellors, experiencing the respect all the students have for each other, and seeing the deep faith all the students have really made me realize that Christendom is where I want to spend my college years! Up until a few months ago I didn’t even know about Christendom. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that because of your generosity I was able to experience the beauty of this college! – Monica N., Michigan

Three words I would use to describe the camp are fun, heartfelt, and impactful. This camp truly made it easier for me to place Christendom at the top of my list and I hope to attend in 2024. First, the counsellors placed a positive image on the Christendom atmosphere as well as all the activities and people that attended. As for my experiences, it was at the camp that I first ever experience as a Catholic the Latin Mass. Never have I fell in love with such a style of the Mass until now. One of my favorite parts about the camp was forming new friendships. A couple of my new guy friends and I during down time did small groups that made us grow closer as a fraternity. Everyone got along and enjoyed each other, especially during the Shenandoah trip, sports activities, and sing-alongs at night in the cabana. The classes and professors were all excellent and well-versed showing a strong core and curriculum that Christendom has to offer. My favorite class was Dr. Wunch’s philosophy class. Hopefully, I can pursue further into the depths of the philosophy at Christendom College. Lastly, I found a bit more of myself and Christ at Christendom Camp. Ways I found myself were in the virtuous people and loving community, the Mass, and the everyday adoration that Christendom provides. There is nothing better any camp has to offer than Christ and self-knowledge because that is what He wants us to achieve in the end. So, I would say yes that was the best week ever not only because it was a great experience, but most importantly it really helped me grow and see what I want in a college, in the next part of my life. – Andrew G., Virginia

I had such a wonderful experience at Christendom and I am so grateful I could attend. From daily Morning Prayer, to participating in classes, to the delicious meals and extraordinary discussions, to each and every fun activity of the day, I had a fabulous time. It was an experience like no other, and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. The counselors are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and it was wonderful to spend a week in a truly Catholic environment together with my peers. The fact that we were blessed enough to attend daily Mass testifies to the true nature of the campus culture, and the beautiful thing that it is. I appreciate every effort taken by the faculty and staff to make this the best week ever. I will always treasure the memories from that week, along with the many new friends I made. – Kaelan D., Pennsylvania

I was able to actually experience the life of a college student, and at the same time appreciate the forming done at Christendom to help prepare all of us for not only the real world, but also eternal life with our Lord in heaven. The summer program had a deep impact on me in the appreciation of the Mass. I look forward to attending Mass at my school thanks to this week. – Aiden F., Ocala, FL

I came nervous and not sure what to expect, but I was very confident that Christendom would never be the place for me. My mind was completely changed once I was immersed into Christendom’s beautiful Catholic culture where the professors had a passion for what they taught, the counselors had a genuine love and enthusiasm for their school (that became contagious!), and where the Faith was not just skin deep, but was the lifeblood of the college. At Christendom, I was encouraged to get out of my comfort zone, and discovered that I loved what I was experiencing all throughout the week, both in classes and in the activities during the day. Without question, this really was the Best Week Ever: I had so much fun and learned a lot! I’m eternally grateful to everyone at Christendom College for making this week possible for me and for so many others. – Mari G., Ohio

While I cannot determine whether week I experienced was the “best ever,” it certainly ranked among the top for me. The people I met were absolutely wonderful and I hope to potentially attend the college with some of them. I had never ventured to swim in a river before, and the Shenandoah provided an ideal “first time.” The Parliamentary style debate was intimidating, but I found myself more stimulated than I anticipated and wishing that we had more than one planned for the week. The barn dances were absolutely superb and I can’t emphasize my appreciation for them enough! I have never had more fun in my life than I had at Dr. O’Donnell’s barn; it was certainly the highlight of the camp for me. I could not have received a better set of faculty members anywhere else. The counselors were so welcoming and were willing to bend over backwards for all campers. I regretted the thought of studying during a summer program, but every teacher provided entertaining classes that made the time worthwhile and made me look forward to college. The camp’s overall experience motivated me to put together my official college transcript and opened my eyes to the future. – Thomas Y., Arizona

What struck me about Christendom College was the passion that the students (counselors) had and their willingness to take five weeks of their summer and invest in hundreds of young potential students. I really did enjoy every one of them and for those I wasn’t as close with it was evident from the smile on their faces every day whose they were and why they were doing what they were doing. From what I can tell Christendom College does a fantastic job at preparing and help, near finalize the formation process in a Catholic’s life. I love the variety of sports which Christendom offers and how important a relationship with Jesus and team prayer is to the members. I love that daily Mass was offered every day as well as adoration and even confession. Other than sports and the great Catholic atmosphere was the teachers. All of whom I experienced were phenomenal. I especially enjoyed literature and studying Saint John’s Gospel. If there is one thing I could take away from this week it would be to live fearlessly and confidently for the Lord always and in every circumstance of life. No matter where I end up in school come fall 2020 I will never be able to speak of vice towards Christendom. God really has blessed and cherishes your college. – Christopher C., MD

It really was the best week ever! I learned so much during the week, not just with the thought-provoking subjects, but also with the other Catholics around me.  I have heard from both my parents how Christendom had been a life-changing experience for them, but to experience it first hand was truly fascinating. Going to Christendom made me proud to be a Catholic. – Halyna C., Texas

My week at Christendom was a wonderful experience: the classes were fantastic, the friendships memorable, and the spiritual life on campus outstanding. It was so nice to have a week on a beautiful college campus, with amiable companions and the Sacraments available every day. – Joseph P., Ohio

The ECSP was one of the best experiences of my life. I genuinely enjoyed every minute of it, but I especially loved interacting with all the wonderful people I met at Christendom. Everyone – the counselors, the professors, my fellow students – was so enthusiastic and friendly, and I’ve never really experienced that before. I was also blown away by the authentic Catholicity of the college and everyone there. It really encouraged me in my own Faith journey and inspired me to live a more devout, Christ-centered life. – Eleanor T., North Carolina

It truly was one of the best weeks of my life. A lot of my friends at home have grown up in Catholic families, but haven’t been formed very well. This week helped show me what a true Catholic community looks like, and has introduced me to so many incredible Catholics my age from around the country, and the world, all of which I intend to stay in close contact with. This week also solidified Christendom as my number one choice in my search for colleges. I came home from this program a truly changed individual with a new outlook on the world, and I have you to thank for that. I will always remember this week as a highlight in my high school and teenage years. – Anthony A., Arizona

They can’t all be wrong, can they?

Christendom College admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.
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