Christendom College opened its 42nd academic year to record enrollment, with staff and faculty eagerly welcoming students and their families over orientation weekend, August 17-19.

“The College has experienced a remarkable year in terms of interest and enrollment, requiring us to wait-list prospective students for the first time in a number of years,” says Christendom College President Dr. Timothy O’Donnell.  “We have a total enrollment of over 500 undergraduate students for the first time ever. We will have approximately 400 students living on campus, while the remainder are taking part in our Rome Semester or attending Christendom but not in-residence.  This is a great milestone, and a wonderful blessing.”

As part of its annual efforts, Christendom continues to find ways to strengthen its robust academic offerings, student experience, and campus life.

In the classroom, the College welcomes two new full-time theology professors, Dr. Owen Vyner and Professor Andrew Whitmore.

The Christendom Graduate School of Theology also added some wonderful new offerings, including a degree concentration in Sacred Scripture, made possible, in part, by the addition of Professor Andrew Montanaro.

Christendom just finished its 6th annual Columcille Institute with nearly 30 students, including six Irish students, taking part in a three-week immersion in the north of Ireland in County Donegal.  The program seeks to strengthen the faith and deepen the understanding of young Catholic leaders through a thorough catechesis, training in evangelization, and examination of the patrimony of Western Christian Civilization.

In addition to yearly residence hall and common area enhancements, the College has doubled the availability of mental health counseling for its students, further expanded security, and refined existing policies and procedures on a range of issues.

“Like all colleges across the country, we have seen an increase in the struggles some of our students bring to campus, reflecting challenges found in the culture more generally,” said Amanda Graf, Director of Student Affairs.  “The College has always done its best to be responsive to this reality, trying to steadily increase mental health and supportive options for our students, but also consistently reminding them of our standards and expectations for how they interact with one another during their time here.  As the world appears to value and understand human dignity less and less, we are proud to be able to point to a higher standard based on truth and love.”

Over the summer, in order to ensure that it is meeting the needs of its students, the College did an extensive internal review of many of its student life policies and procedures, in conversation with other good Catholic colleges, exploring “best practices,” and in consultation with experts in the field. At the request of President O’Donnell, the college convened a committee of faculty and staff to examine the insights and recommendations and revise existing policies to provide maximum clarity while still honoring fully the Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person and human sexuality.

“We were extremely pleased with the internal review process of our various policies in a number of critical areas of student life.  Much of our current approach was affirmed by the review, and we discovered that our policies, according to “best practices,” appropriately address issues that arise,” said Graf.  “Even so, because we strive to get better every year, we are excited about the chance to more clearly explain our practices and improve the communication and trainings that we already have in place for students, faculty and staff.”

New initiatives. A record undergraduate enrollment. New faculty. New offerings at the graduate level. After the great success of the college’s 40th anniversary year, Christendom students have much to look forward to in 2018-19, as the college continues to prepare them to go out and restore all things in Christ.

The student handbook which contains current policies applicable to student life can be found here.

Detail about existing spiritual, physical, and mental health resources can be found here.

For more information about ways in which Christendom continues to enhance the student experience, awareness, and support, see the infographic below.

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