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Spiritual and Mental

“‘Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.’”(Mt 11:28-29)

Christendom is committed to providing a supportive on-campus experience where students can foster the virtues needed to become the men and women Christ calls them to be. We believe that this includes creating a safe environment where the dignity of each person is affirmed and valued. We provide numerous opportunities for student formation and accountability and are always looking for ways to enhance our student programming and services.

Here is a brief listing of current programs provided to students at Christendom, as well as special initiatives designed to continually enhance the campus environment.

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Sexual Misconduct FAQs

On-going Support and Guidance

Personal and spiritual formation is happening on campus every day at Christendom. From our liturgical schedule, to the availability of spiritual and mental health counselors, to fireside chats hosted by professors, we strive to provide opportunities for student growth and development in all we do. In addition to sound policies, Christendom recognizes the need to strive for an atmosphere conducive to full human flourishing.

Spiritual Counseling
In addition to the chaplaincy, Deacon Ed Peitler, Doctor in Psychology, is available for Spiritual Counseling twice a week by appointment only. Email deacon.ed@christendom.edu to schedule.

Mental Health

Christendom provides access to an on-campus counselor during designated hours, and helps to arrange mental health support at other times, especially in emergency situations.

The Laurel Center, a local non-profit that provides resources to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, has partnered with Christendom to provide continual educational opportunities for faculty and staff.

How to See a Counselor on Campus

Two Hearts Catholic Counseling
Phone: (540) 264-9641
Email: twohearts@wcmhc.com 


Tuesday: 10:00 am–6:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 am–5:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am–5:00 pm

The Counselor is located in St. Augustine Hall.

To inquire about an appointment, students may walk into St. Augustine’s hall during open hours and speak with the receptionist OR they can email twohearts@wcmhc.com in order to be scheduled with either an in-person or telehealth counselor. 

Please use health insurance if possible. If you do not have health insurance, the College will cover the cost of your visit.

Sexual Misconduct

Christendom’s sexual misconduct policy is printed in the Student Handbook. It defines sexual harassment, assault, and misconduct and instructs students on how to report incidents of sexual misconduct.

Reports of sexual misconduct are handled through the disciplinary conduct process which is focused on violations of the student code of conduct. Sanctions up to and including permanent expulsion from the College may be imposed if a student is found responsible for violating this policy. Students are also encouraged to contact law enforcement if they believe a crime has been committed.  For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Community Coordination and Awareness – Our Director of Student Affairs (Amanda Graf) is a member of the Warren County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). This group brings together law enforcement, medical professionals, attorneys for the Commonwealth, sexual assault prevention groups, other county offices, and college officials to discuss and coordinate resources and procedures for assisting victims of sexual assault. By participating in this group, the College seeks to strengthen relationships with local officials and better understand and recommend a variety of resources to students who may need them. The SART is in the process of drafting a Memorandum of Understanding that each participating agency can use to inform their community/constituency of the role they will play as a member of the SART.

Formation Programs

Monthly Formation Series– A monthly men’s formation series titled “Into the Deep” and a monthly women’s formation series titled “At the Well” provide regular opportunities for students to come together with faculty and staff to learn about and discuss a topic or issue relevant to the students’ lives. Each month a speaker is brought in to educate students about topics such as dealing with depression and anxiety, forming virtuous friendships, handling addictions, and building positive self-image. During the question and answer session after the talk, faculty and staff offer advice and suggestions tailored to what the students might be experiencing at Christendom. These events regularly draw 60-70 students and have been an excellent addition to our student formation.



Health and Wellness


College Nurse

Call or email Kelly Smith, FNP: 540-268-0699, nurse@christendom.edu.
Walk-in Hours: Tuesday, 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Wednesday 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Thursday, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Nurse’s Office located in the Lower Level of the Commons

Please note; the Nurse is not able to diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, etc.  The Nurse is able to assist with basic triage care only.  You should never delay in contacting emergency services because you are unable/waiting to reach the nurse.

For a packet listing medical resources (doctors, dentists, counselors/psychologists, etc.) and driving directions to some medical facilities, see the posting area outside of the Nurse’s Office and Student Life.

Emergency Room Visits

If life threatening, 911 should be called first! If non-life threatening, the student should arrange a ride through friends or use a taxi service.  Remember to travel with a couple of friends/volunteers.

Notify an RA of the situation if possible.

Warren County Memorial Hospital is the nearest hospital located at 351 Valley Health Way off of Leech Run Rd.

It is advisable to check with your insurance company as to which of the following options is best for you.  You should always bring your insurance card with you to any medical facility.

Medical Facilities



PERFORMANCE SPORT AND SPINE – Dr. Tom Dickerson, Chiropractic Physician: 540-635-4440

Non-Emergency Doctor’s Visits

The student should arrange a doctor’s appointment through their personal local physician or contact a local physician’s office.  There are also several walk-in clinics in the Front Royal, Stephens City and Winchester, VA area.  Stephens City is approximately 20 miles and Winchester is located approximately 30 miles from the College.  When making an appointment, you should not expect that any of the clinics or offices can give you an appointment for the same day.

The student should arrange a ride through friends or use a taxi.

Bring your insurance card and know the names and dosage amounts of any prescription medications when you go the doctor’s office.

Be prepared to pay your co-pay at the office or to pay the charge in full if you are going to a walk-in clinic.

Athletic Trainer

Stacy Malinowski, By Appointment, Contact Coach Quest for information