For many years, Christendom College has offered students a variety of free online resources to help them excel in their studies and in their preparation for life after college. From a free subscription to Microsoft 365 to access to LinkedIn Learning courses, these valuable aids have given students an edge both in and outside of the classroom. The availability of these tools became even more integral this spring when the college transitioned to online learning, giving students the ability to continue their education while at home and prepare for their future vocations

One of the most sought-after job skills today is experience with the Microsoft Office suite of programs. While this is the case, some students and graduates may run into the position of having little experience with the suite due to its cost. For students at Christendom, this problem does not exist, thanks to the college making the decision to offer the suite for free while they are studying at the school. With this subscription in hand, students have access to a range of apps that can assist with file storage, word processing, task management, and more — giving them an edge in their studies and with preparing for their professional careers. They also have free and full access, with the ability to download to their personal computers, to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sharepoint, and OneDrive

The decision to offer a subscription to every student proved even more prudent this spring. When Christendom had to transition to online learning in mid-March, the fact that the students, faculty, and staff all readily had access to these programs made the transition much smoother, with programs such as Microsoft Teams becoming an integral tool for keeping students and faculty in touch and on task.

In addition to these resources, all students are granted free access to LinkedIn Learning courses, in order to aid them with professional development while they are undergraduates. To complement the critical thinking, writing, and problem-solving skills that students gain through their studies, these courses give students the opportunity to gain a range of practical skills, preparing them for their future careers.

Students are required to complete certain LinkedIn Learning courses through the Education for Life curriculum, with many students going on to utilize these tools in their chosen career path. From courses on graphic design, to business etiquette, to the fundamentals of accounting, Christendom students have taken advantage of a wide range of these courses to explore their professional interests and gain important skills.

With these free resources available to them, Christendom students are finding success both during college and after. Whether it be attending virtual office hours with a professor this spring, learning more about Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, or gaining a greater grasp of Microsoft Excel, students are gaining the skills sought after by employers today, setting them up to impact society for the better,

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