Student Achievement

Christendom College evaluates student achievement with respect to outcomes relevant to its mission, “to restore all things in Christ,” by forming men and women to contribute to the Christian renovation of the temporal order. This mission gives Christendom College its name.

Student Retention Rates

Table 1: Freshman Retention Rates


Cohort Entered:Fall 2015Fall 2016Fall 2017Fall 2018Fall 2019
Christendom College86.8%84.6%83.2%82.7%88.7%
Average of Virginia Public87.6%87.3%86.6%86.3% 
Average of National Private81.5%81.4%81.2%81.5% 

Data sources: State Council for Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV); Chronicle of Higher Education

Table 2: Christendom College Student 4-Year Graduation Rates

Cohort First Entered:Fall 2012Fall 2013Fall 2014Fall 2015Fall 2016
Average of Virginia Publicn/an/an/an/a67%
Average of National Private57%58%n/an/a53%

n/a = not yet available from our data sources
Data sources: ACT Retention/Completion Summary Tables;
State Council for Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)

Employment Statistics for Graduates

Year Graduated:201420152016201720182019
Response Rate: 87% 78% 92% 94%100%  100%
% Employed or in Graduate Schools: 82% 95% 89% 89%96.2%  98.4%
% Employed in Positions Needing B.A.: 78% 59%% 30% 37%75.5%  65.6%
% in Graduate School: 5% 12.5% 11% 11%16.1%  8%

As noted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities in 2014, the unemployment rate for recent liberal arts graduates is 5.2%.

Attendance Costs

Please click to access our Net Price Calculator equivalent. This chart is intended to provide the average net price of attendance that similar students paid during the 2020-21 academic year based on the cost of attendance and financial aid provided to students that year.

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