Advanced Studies

Explore Your Intellectual Passions

Advanced Studies allows high-achieving, intellectually curious students an opportunity to delve deeper into their coursework and receive personalized, one-on-one instruction from their professors.

How does Advanced Studies Work?

Students in Advanced Studies typically complete “contracts” whereby student and professor agree on extra work a student will perform and then meet a number of times throughout the semester to discuss the student’s progress.

Am I able to take part in special courses through Advanced Studies?

Advanced Studies students also have access to an exclusive senior seminar and are provided with opportunities to socialize with others in Advanced Studies.

How do I apply?

To apply for Advanced Studies, fill out the form below and upload a 500 word essay about why you are interested. Applications are due by February 28.

Who should I contact with questions?

Dr. Joseph Brutto is the director of Advanced Studies and can be contacted via email at joseph.brutto@christendom.edu.


“I had a very fruitful Advanced Studies contract with Prof. Douglas Dailey, which was to study an extracurricular curiosity of mine, the symmetry of polynomials. I had noticed certain properties of the equations of polynomials which produced different kinds of symmetries in their graphs. Dr. Dailey guided my study and helped me formalize my results. Within a year, I was able to give a complete and general solution to the problem, and we had written an article which we submitted to an academic journal for publication. Advanced Studies has been a great experience for its own sake, and I think that the patience and discipline learned from pursuing a problem for an extended period of time with no guarantee of a solution will stay with me and help me succeed professionally as well. It has made me a more effective problem solver, communicator, and collaborator.”  — Peter Cermak (’21)

“One thing I loved about the [Advanced Studies] program was that I rarely did a contract with the professor by myself; usually there were multiple students who chose to work on the same contract. This allowed for insightful conversations about what we read, without the groups ever becoming too large. Many graduate classes are seminar focused and consist of discussing primary and secondary source readings in a small group. The Advanced Studies program allowed me to do this with additional readings in a way that is not possible in a larger class.” — Edith Lagarde (’20)

“Advanced Studies was an incredible opportunity to take my academic writing to the next level, to read more primary and secondary texts, and to situate the Christendom core in the context of a broader intellectual tradition.” — Laura Cermak (’19)


Students who have SAT scores of 1280 or higher, ACT scores of 27 or higher, and/ or CLT scores of 84 or higher, and who have been accepted to Christendom for the fall of 2023, are encouraged to apply for Advanced Studies.

Listing at least one standardized test score is required, but additional test scores are appreciated. Uploading a 500 word essay explaining your interest in Advanced Studies is required.

Applications are due by February 28. Please contact Dr. Joe Brutto at joseph.brutto@christendom.edu with any questions.

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