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I am a historian of early modern Europe, and I have been a full-time faculty member at Christendom since 2012. I enjoy teaching each course in our four-part history core curriculum, which stretches from classical and near eastern antiquity through our present-day global modernity, as well as a variety of electives on topics such as the history of Catholicism in Asia, the French Revolution, and early modern religious culture. My current book project focuses on seventeenth-century French clerics’ advice to young people on vocational discernment, or choosing a state of life. Within a complex societal and ecclesiastical context, this influential literature addressed fundamental issues such as lay vocation, the role of parents in their children’s path to adulthood, and the relationship of individual spiritual liberty to the spiritual common good. Serving on Christendom’s faculty gives me a unique opportunity to work with students and colleagues who are also deeply interested in questions of what “vocation” might mean both historically and in our contemporary world. I also coordinate fellowship advising for our students and serve as our campus Fulbright Program Adviser.

PhD, University of Notre Dame, History (2015)
MA, University of Notre Dame, History (2010)
MA, Saint Louis University, History (2007)
BA, Christendom College, Theology (2003)

Core Courses Taught
HIST 101: Ancient Foundations of Western Civilization
HIST 102: Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, 33–1291
HIST 201: Early Modernity, 1291–1715
HIST 202: The Modern World, 1715–present

Elective Courses Taught
Early Modern Catholicism
The History of Catholicism in Asia
Causes and Effects of the French Revolution
The History and Theology of Vocation
Vocations in Early Modern France

Select Scholarship
“Vocational Freedom, Parental Authority and Pastoral Persuasion in Seventeenth-Century France,” Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 20 March 2018, 1–17.
Review of Seán Alexander Smith, Fealty and Fidelity: The Lazarists of Bourbon France, 1660–1736 (Burlington, Vt.: Ashgate, 2015), in Sixteenth Century Journal 48 (2017), 737–739.
“‘The views and designs of his providence’: Catholic Frameworks for Lay Vocation in Seventeenth-Century France,” American Society of Church History Spring Meeting, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (8 April 2016).
Review of Richard Parish, Catholic Particularity in Seventeenth-Century French Writing: “Christianity is Strange” (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011), in Sixteenth Century Journal 43 (2012), 941–942.
“Childhood Piety and the Choice of a State of Life in Seventeenth-Century French Catholicism,” Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Ft. Worth, Tex. (28 October 2011).
Review of Max Engammare, On Time, Punctuality, and Discipline in Early Modern Calvinism, trans. Karin Maag (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009), in Sixteenth Century Journal 42 (2011), 828–830.

Main Areas of Expertise
Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Early Modern Christianity
Early Modern France
The History and Theology of Vocation
The History of the Family
The History of Childhood and Youth

Professional Affiliations
American Catholic Historical Association
American Society of Church History
National Association of Fellowships Advisors
Sixteenth Century Society and Conference
Society for Early Modern French Studies
Society for French Historical Studies
Society for the Study of French History

Contact Information:
Dr. Christopher J. Lane
134 Christendom Dr.
Front Royal, VA 22630
(800) 877-5456 ext.1367
Office: Madonna 20